Useless and useful 3* heroes

Hello everyone, this is my first thread here, have read some very useful post here.

I´m at my 2nd month playing (I play as VIP but don´t expend money on other features (I hate putting money when random things can happen) so my hero sources are TCs dailys and eventual summoning vouchers or Atlantis coins.

Now my roster has 1 4* hero (Danzaburro currently at 3.28) starts to get several 3* champs, I have ST 13, 1 TC 13 and 2 TC 11 with nice queue. I raised to 3.50 the first hero of each color I got ( Due to the lack of healer I also raised Hawkmon as soon I got her.)

My roster is the following:



Danzaburo 3.28 (lack ascensión mats to 4.1) Levelling atm


Bane 3.50
Bane 1.1
Dawa 2.1
Dawa 1.26)

Balthazar 3.50
Oberón 1.27 Leveling ATM
Prisca 1.1

Ulmer 3.50
Ulmer 2.18 Leveling ATM

Azar: 3.50
Hawkmoon 3.50
Jahangir 2.24 LEVELING ATM


Berden 3.50
Friar tuck 2.24 LEVELING ATM

I´d like to get at least 3 3* hero of each color maxed (saving emblems for 4* and 5*) I have another team of some 2* héroes partially upgraded but they are not worthy of level more.

I am lvl 23 and can stack 65 héroe.

Should I raise all of them or keep some as they are right now and save resources and trainers? I had a 1 month break so I could use hundreds of trainer héroes available to do this kind of upgrade. But now I have to watch carefully what I do with my resources.

Thanks in advance for any post Good loot and have fun.

Uh, I forgot to ask another question, I´m atm in a small friendly guild and take part in AW twice a week despite not having 30 upgrades héroes (I have to do some attacks with spare héroes) Should I keep fighting in order to get used to battles, rewards or better focus in getting some bench?

I’d level another Bane before Dawa.

Heroes that won’t be worthy soon for you:

Friar Tuck

If you have emblems, give serious consideration to putting them on Bane, Balthazar, Hawkmoon, and Berden. You’ll eventually move away from Hawk but she’s your best healer at this point. I still occasionally use the others for cleanup. Point being an emblem investment in them now will go a long way for you NOW and the near future. It’s also pretty cheap and you can always move them later. You’ll lose the hams and silver, but the return on that loss will be much bigger than if you slogged without the emblems.

Keep fighting in wars. War chests are some of the best and you’ll want 100% participation. Plus, your alliance knows how strong/weak you are. What’s most important is participation.

PS your Reds are solid for where you are. They’ll play together nicely if you stack them.



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