Use wizard emblems on kiril or kashhrek? / What should my defense be?

I have kiril fully ascended and kashhrek a few levels away from full, who should I use my wizard emblems on before I can fully ascend sartana?

Kiril. One of the highest regarded 4* heroes it seems :smiley: I wouldn’t know… but!.. I wouldnt know personally… as I dont have him yet hah.

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Will kasshrek be your tank?

If so, he can be worth the emblems.

But Kiril is useful for longer and much more versatile.

So if kasshrek is not your tank, it’s an easy decision - Kiril


Idk, should my tank be li xiu or kashh?

Kiril for all situations except tank.

Kashrek if you are going to use him as tank.

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Li is a good tank, gormek is ok too…

Kash is best but it’s his only good position.

You could go Sonya - Rigard - Li - gormek - Caedmon

Or Rigard - Caedmon - gormek - Li - Sonya

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What if I use kassh as tank then what should my set up be?

Stop opening so many threads with the same topic.

@zephyr1 @Garanwyn @Rook

Please combine the threads.

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Just finished fully ascending a few 4* heroes and almost have kashhrek fully ascended, just wondering what my defense team should look like.

I you want to use Kashhrek as Tank I personally would go for

Rigard - Li Xiu - Kashhrek - Sonya - Gormek

Do you have the hidden blades to max Scarlett? She can replace Gormek.
Li Xiu I chose over Guardian Jackal, because her mana down I personally like in a Def Team
But that’s my choice.

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Sonya - Gormek - Kashrek - Li - Caedmon

Only kash as healer?

Also wouldn’t I want caed and gormek next to each other since blue is weak against green

Basically not Kash as healer but rather time staller.

I am not a big fan of healers on defense except if they can revive heroes or during war.
Kash as tank is to stall time for the damage dealers to do their job.

Gormek and Li works well together and Sonya ensures that the enemy will not have a buff.
You lack hitters and that is why Caedmon is there.

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Alright, thank you. I’ve been using at least 1 healer sometimes 2 on D but I didn’t really have any attack yet just finished li and sonya

They started out with different questions, but they do seem to have ended up in the same place, so I’ve combined them.

Thanks! :heart_decoration:


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