Use of seshat and lady of the lake together

I do not know if it’s a bug. When I use lady of lake and seshat side by side the minions are replaced. On the first screen you can see that Seshat has two swords and a death’s head. we see that the other side of the lake lady has 3 swords. my level of blue vial is 3. On the second screen, no tile used, no attack suffered. I just put two blue bottle on seshat and used his secondary attack. The effect is the replacement of a sword by a death’s head. so the loss of the effect of minions the sword attack.
questions: does the display not show all the minions but they attack anyway? or is it a bug?

Works as intended.

Put Sesh far right and the minions won’t fight for places…

I often take many minion casters and they all replace each other all the time. Could even be too many minions, if you want to get advantage of e.g. LotLs minions while Sesh, Buddy and 2 Mother North will cast other minions like crazy.

I love this whittling meatwall.


I love some minion party
For me there was a time i used delilah MN buddy and seshat, couldn’t get LoTL or it was going to be a great team

Thank you for the answer. So do not use too many heroes with minions in a same team to avoid stacking and losing minions attacks.


Meanwhile I play with it.
I cast other minions to protect LotlLs from being slashed immediately.

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