Use of hero positions

Dear players while playing what I notice is positioning of hero’s .
Keep defensive hero in 3rdposition and healers in 2nd & 4th position and attacker in 1st and 5th place.

If I understand correctly (my apologies if I haven’t); generally you want to have a tough #3 (Guin, Gravy, Kunchen, etc), #2 & #4 is for your fast snipers &/or mana/health control (think Hel, Joon, etc), #1 & #5 fast sniper/hitters (Liana, Sartana).

It’s not necessarily a rule of thumb as it is personal preference: some like healers at #3 while others prefer them at #2 or #4.

They are also known as Wing, Flank & Tank:

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My 4 tank rules:

Hitting tank, supporting flank.
Supporting tank, hitting flank.
Healing tank, hitting flank.
Supporting tank is a prank.

The wing rule:
Heal or hit, supporters are shi…


Tank is important, but you don’t need fast everything everywhere else.

I’ve been holding right at 2500 cups with
Zim - Isarnia - Justice - Horghall - Quintus

All with crit troops, no mana. Only Justice has emblems. People are WAY too hung up on mana speed.


Can you explain what counts as “support”? I thought it meant healing, but I see that you have that as a separate category. Thanks!

I just got Justice (and Richard) from TC20. I already have Mitsuko, Joon, Magni and Domitia maxed but I see you use Justice. I have Vivica sitting at 3.55 and will likely give her darts as I have no 5* healer but what are your thoughts on Justice? I see you use a few of the slow mana heros(who tend to be quite deadly if they go off). Thanks.

I think they mean one that isn’t a hitter like a sniper or AoE hitter and also not a healer. Someone like Guin would qualify I think since she doesn’t attack but performs a tank role and does other things with her skill. There are others like Aegir though he heals indirectly.


Muggy or Muggies :slightly_smiling_face::grinning::grin::joy:


An emblemed Justice or Richard are fine tanks. I’ve always liked Justice, idk why. You have a blue and yellow sniper as well so it’s your call.

I alternate Delilah and Justice as my tank, as well as Grave and Zim, Lianna and Horghall, Magni and Isarnia, Sartana or Seshat and Quintus.

It really honestly does not matter if I’m running all slow or all fast/very fast. Mana troops or crit troops. My cups will always be within +/-50 of 2500 when I wake up.

The Delilah tank and Gravemaker tank HAVE crept into the top 100 while I’ve slept, but just for a second and after I was close from filling my chest anyway.

This slow crit setup is a new experiment.

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Ha ha - I do have several Muggies. Thanks @Obsidian for the clarification

I can vouch that fast everywhere isn’t a necessity (though I’d like it, admittedly). My defense has gone 17-18 over the last day plus or so according to the watchtower and has two slow heroes in it.

I run left to right:
Sabina +19/4* Mana troop(14);
Elena +0/3* troop (17);
Boril +18/4* Crit Troop (4); (starts with well over 1000 defense, which can matter on a bad board)
Boldtusk +18/3* troop (10);
Little John +18/4* Mana troop (11)

Currently 2398 in cups but go into diamond without an issue; I prefer to break up the healers one on each side of the center to make it a little more difficult on the attacker (all healer on one side set ups are too easy to handle by the attacker).

I could improve this setup at this point (I have Seshat +5, for example), but it tends to get the job done decently (I very rarely find myself ever below 2300 cups anymore and I’m just interested in the diamond chest and not chasing the top spots or anything).

TBH I’ve never found healers in the wings to be scary at all, unless it’s a war defense team. In regular raids it’s more likely that they’ll just stall the match, at which point the turn limit will roll in effect with the increasing damage boost for both sides.

I loved your poem by the way :heart: beautiful rhyming

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Sometimes savvy tanks come in small gift packages!!

@zephyr1 enlightened me to trust Buddy, and I’ve had a solid run for sometime now! My AZLAR is now +5 emblemed and Budd is still tougher!


Glad it’s working out for you! :slight_smile:

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Inari, Margaret, Mitsuko, Khagan, Wilbur, Boril, Cyprian etc.

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Please enlighten me on the trusting Buddy method? Lol I have him maxed but haven’t used him much.

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He escaped from a psychiatric prison. Look his weird greenish face. That guarantees a reroll…


I threw emblems on him down the sturdy path. With him gift and minions backed up by 2 healers (Sabby maxed on attack emblems and Mother North) and two hot lasers (Joon and Sarty); its a balance I have come to love.
I just finally maxed my Azlar with +5 on the sturdy emblem path, and Buddy is still better. And increases the annoyance factor of my team (which I relish!).

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