Use of BlueStacks Android Emulator

I have been playing P&E on my android up to now. I downloaded BlueStacks today to play P&E on my PC but I am having trouble getting the program to load my existing game. Does anybody have any experience with such? Thanks in advance for your help.

What sort of trouble?

And can you post the specs of your PC? CPU, video card, memory, operating system.

I am using an HP pavilion 550-a114 and Windows 10. I have an AMD CPU and have already enabled virtualization. The game wants me to start over. I am preparing to reach lvl 44 and I’m I’m not gonna do that.

Have you tried opening the game via google play games? you need to have the same email account as your mobile.

No. I thought it had to be done the BlueStacks hereafter known as BS.

the game can’t find your progress unless you’re signed in with the same gmail account as your device where you have been playing the game.

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I thought I had used the same account.

Do you have experience with BS?

Goto the google play store in BS and search for google play games. You probably need to update it.

I had to update it. Then try the game again.

I thought I had but I’ll do it again.

I am not exactly a technical wiz

I have been using bluestacks for over a year its on my pc and not on mobile. I use the same email address via google play games to play on both device.

If you have the app on bluestacks check if you are logged into the correct account as mobile.

Thank you both. I’ll be back later to report.

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