Use of 3 and 4* heroes

All (or the most) discussions on the forum are about 5* heroes. It means that lower level heroes are considered interim in this game. You use them until you got enough 5* heroes.

It is understandable when you make your way through initial game and season 1. You build your base, you build your buildings, collect ascension materials, fight your way through season 1 map etc. Once you are there only 5* become important plus a small number of 4* like Wilbur or Guardian Falcon.

3* of Atlantis or Valhalla are less important because when you get them you already have 4* and 5* that outshine any 3*. Moreover, you hardly can use 3* heroes to go through Atlantis or Valhala maps even at a normal level.

We have nice exceptions like 3* and 4* tournaments and Rare and Epic challenges. But they are not enough to bring attention back to lower heroes.

How about adding more content that will require 3* and 4* heroes.

  1. Introduce separate raid arenas where you can field only 3* or 4* heroes.
    Alternatively, give an option to a raid defense to declare that only 3* (4*) can be used to attack it. Or course defense must be built of the same rarity heroes.

  2. Add a modifier to titans: This titan can be attacked by 3 (4) only.

  3. Add the same modifier to Alliance wars. Not only Field aid or Arrrows but hero rarity limit as well.

Believe me, but 3 star heroes have more utility nowadays compared to over a year ago, where they are only used in the monthly challenge events for rare and epic tiers. SGG has introduced us raid tournaments for quite some time now. We also use some of our 3 star heroes in the not-so-stellar Tavern of Legends. I am positive that SGG is cooking something more for their new other uses.

For your suggestion, I think item no. 1 is already being provided with the raid tournaments. As for item no. 2, that would be difficult to pull off because our 3 star heroes cannot defeat higher leveled titans. So, are you saying that after killing off a 12 star titan, we face a stronger titan next and battle it only using 3 star heroes? That would be a guaranteed escape. And as for item no. 3, i want that as an additional modifier.

It is not a matter of belief, all you mentioned (raid tournaments and challenge events) I mentioned in my opening post saying that it is not enough to revive interest to 3* and 4* heroes.

Tavern doesn’t give more to this as a rare challenge event.

Of course, no. It would be ridiculous to fight 11* titan with 3* heroes. Of course titan stats must be adjusted to heroes’ rarity, like boss stats are different in Rare and Legendary challenges. It is just a way of making this mode more diverse.

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I’m thinking it last day, I’m f2p, only five 4*, only 9 month playing…and I think one point, why SG isn’t move to strategy game instead earn big heroes?..the most important games for all time was earn and learn strategies vs power or other thinks.
I think that last tavern event goes this way…for me is more fun learn to play instead play vs strong heroes…raids was the example, I play 1800 with 3500power vs 3700…
The problem become imo when only want play on the best arena and play over your possibility…but others want opposite way, that’s it…SG must decide what way take for combine two ways for fun gamers and cash

Actually, some costumed or non-standard 4* heroes is very useful even now (even in Top-100) like Rigard, Proteus, Wilbur, Jackal, Falcon, Mist, Brynhild, BT, Kiril, C.Melendor, Sonya (C.Sonya) and Caedmon(C.Caedmon) due to their utility.

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Yep…I’ve got Wilbur, C Mel, C Sonya(on the way) very useful…Grimm, Tritón and Merlin. Waiting my first TC20

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