Use emblems to another class hero?


I’ve now 4 heroes with the same class. I have many emblems for another class, but i can’t use these to upgrade my heroes. Would it not a great option to use emblems to another class hero ??

Wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of having classes on the emblems?

I mean if you could use any emblem to emblem any class… well the emblems may as well be classless… which takes the ‘strategy’ out of the emblems as you would/ could end up with 5x fighter heroes on every defence team…


Thx for your answer, but becide the strategy, i prefer to upgrade my heroes to attack, not for defence. Perhaps i’m not so far about the strategies going on. I love this game by to be able to attack by the heroes you choose, if i can’t upgrade my chosens (heroes) because the lack to not be able using the emblems, this means to me, that the game is giving you only the possibility they choose for you what to do (who to upgrade, etc…)
Cause my english isn’t so well, i hope i made my point to this case :grin::grin:

Keep playing. You’ll find more emblems that you need, and also more heroes for your un-used emblems. It all evens up at some point. You’ll see.

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This means wait another couple of months :scream::weary:

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