Use Challenge Events for more equality

Dear Community and Team,
it’s time for a suggestion.
Level lock for the Challenge Events!!!
Because now the big ones win everything. So, if you already have everything you still get everything.
This is the perfect Event to give to the “normal” players.
just say… (suggestion)
rare = - lvl 25
epic = lvl 23 - lvl 45
legendary = lvl 42 - lvl xx
or something like that. so everyone in his Level has the chance to win. not every thing for the high lvl players.

best regards, AudRay :grin:

I’m on lvl 42 now, so I shouldn’t play in rare and epic? This is not fair.

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Lol that’s the way the world works unfortunately rich get richer no matter what !!
But I agree 100%
But in this case the event anyone with patience lots lots lots of it can get top 100 just farming and crafting for months before an event to have enough battle items to feed the pigs lol 200+ bombs 100+ tornadoes mana potions ect

Check out the videos
Found it !!!:slight_smile:
My personal favourite !!

What does player level have to do with battle items, team compositions, and board luck?

Has anyone in this thread actually tried to rank or just pulling :poop: out of thin air based on a far outside perception?


Small Giant actually discussed revamping Events a bit in the Ask Me Anything. The particularly relevant part was where they said they’re going to look at changing the challenge event rules.

If you haven’t seen their comments yet, here’s what they had to say:

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I have mixed feelings about this. I am all for making things more “fair” but that seems to be a different concept for almost everyone.

And I remember the cries of outrage over the class trials because they had level requirements to be able to complete them. This is kind of the opposite, if I am understanding the OP correctly…that you can only play the levels if you are under a certain level?

I don’t see the point of limiting player levels, as @Rigs pointed out, a player’s level really doesn’t tell you where they are as far as heroes, troops or other progress they have made.

I see low level players with several 4* and 5* heroes already, and some who have been playing for over a year with very few, if any legendary heroes.

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I got a ftp alt under level 30 to top 10 of the rare event, if you want the places just take them you don’t need a level cap to do it