Use 250 diamonds


I use 250 diamonds to recive some items but i dont recived. What can i do to get my diamonds back?


Are you sure you didn’t misunderstand the text? It says “Get at least 2 of the following”

It doesn’t mean you get 2 or more of every item listed there. There are 16 items in Crafter’s tools.

It means 2 or more of those 16 are picked at random and you get the amount shown like x1, x2 or x3 of those items.


I just read this post. The offering is quite misleading. :frowning:


How would you change the description to make it clearer?

My guess is that people just look at all the goodies and don’t actually read and think about the description.


“Will contain at least 2 random items of the following possibilities:”


“Get at least 2 of the following” can be read to mean 2 of each item. That is how I 1stbread it (didn’t purchase) and how many have read it. Spg is notorious for vague language otherwise I would think they wrote it that way on purpose


To your point, I agree, I looked at the list of items and assumed all were included. To my point, the different color font on the word “two” doesn’t stand out as well as the white. Maybe switching the color scheme.
If nothing else, this taught me to carefully read everything in the offering.
I’m enjoying the game a lot and this is a very minor issue, for lack of a better word.
Thank you for asking for feedback/