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Web Only | Special Offer (Gems, Dunes Coins)

[March 16, 2023]

Items Value
3200x Gems $16.00
1200x Dunes Coins $18.00
Total $34.00

Synopsis Compared to the previous Web Only | Special Offer (Gems, Dunes Coins) or comparable, Web Only | Special Offer (Gems, Dunes Coins, Valhalla Coins), this is a bit of nerfed offer - with 200 gems less. This could be another test to see how far the spigot can be squeezed. It is still a plus value offer if you count the gems. Although, it reduces the usability of the items since you can’t use the gems to summon at rich portals. Using it at lesser portals yields 22 pulls bringing the price per pull to $1.36.

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Summoning Bonanza (18 Summons)

[March 17, 2023]

Items Value
300x Atlantis Coins $4.50
300x Valhalla Coins $4.50
300x Underwild Coins $4.50
300x Dunes Coins $4.50
30x Challenge Coins $3.90
300x Covenant Coins $5.10
Total $27.00

Synopsis After experimenting with increasing the price, we now have another test with half the price! It’s a multi-portal summon but doesn’t include every portal like Lollapalooza Summon. With 18 pulls for $14, you’re looking at $0.78 price per pull which is not terrible but not as exciting as 50 or 60 cents pulls. It’s a good deal if you still need heroes from the portals it includes. If you don’t, you should wait for deals that give you more pulls in a portal you really need. For reference, here’s the original Summoning Extravaganza offer.

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Really thanks for your continuous effort and workout Friend @mrchief . Keep going .


Feel The Fury (Yang Mai, Gems, Roster Expansion)

[March 18, 2023]

Items Value
2900x Gems $14.50
60x Battle Items $0.00
1x Roster Expansion -
Total $14.50

Synopsis 2900 gems and that’s it? And what are we supposed to with those - they can’t cover a 10 pull at most of the portals. One can get the battle items for free at Court of Roses, T4 offer, along with 40 Challenge coins, which, happens to be a plus value offer. Roster expansion can be bought for $5, along with gems and an EHT. It seems like they’re just throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks.

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Web Only | Special Offer (Gems, Legends Coins)

[March 20, 2023]

Items Value
6000x Gems $30.00
1000x Legends Coins $13.00
10x 3* Master Trainers $0.00
Total $43.00

Synopsis This is the first Gems + Legends Coins combo offer. You get 30 pulls for $50 which brings the price per pull to $1.67 (hurts like Khufu’s burn :fire:). Subpar offer for one of the worst portals in the game (in terms of summoning odds, though the newer portals have surpassed this, so I guess this portal is now only mediocre worse? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:). It’s better to wait for pure coin offers which we may see in the coming days.

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