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Yes, but I don’t think it’s worth $100 USD at all. More like $50


I just can’t see spending 100 to level up one hero.


No it doesn’t do that. What you do is have a 5* hero at 3.70, you use the white tome to ascend them without any resources or mats. Then you can level them up to 80 like regular or use a legendary tome of exp to instantly gain 80 lvls.


Feel The Power (Senan, Legendary Tome of Ascension, Legendary Tome of Experience, EHTs)

[July 14, 2022], , [September 4, 2022]

Items Value
1x Legendary Tome of Ascension $0.00
1x Legendary Tome of Experience $0.00
10x EHT $13.00
Total $13.00

Other Valuations


Then its even worse… thanks for answering :slight_smile:

Lets do a quick math of this offer :

10 eht equals to 10 pulls, which in seasonal portals means 3000 gems, but EHT has lowest value of them all, so its closer to 2000 gems = 20 eur from shop or 10 eur if its during any regular sale. We take average of that and its 15 eur.

taking a hero from 4/1 to 4/80 doesnt require anything but recruits and mats, so it has low value. I will estimate, it cant be worth more than 15 eur.

White tome saves you 7 4* mats. There are monthly offers for 30 eurs for 4 4* mats. If we buy this offer twice, we get for 60 eurs 8 4* mats. We need to take one off, since we need 7, so 5 eurs off = 55 eurs.

Total sum = 15+15+55 = 85 eur // they are adding 15 eurs on top of that, since those tomes look shiny! Its way overpriced , if we just take into consideration regular offers. And biggers offers should be in favour of they buyer, since you are investing more money to SG than regular buyers :slight_smile:

Even, if the offer would take your 1/1 hero to 4/80, it would be overpriced, but then I could see heavy spenders going for such offer, since they dont have available recruits and ham if they are power lvling so many heroes :slight_smile:

SG = add 5.000 gems to this offer or extra 40 eht :slight_smile:

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Small correction: you need 8 4* mats to ascend a hero to 4/1.


Even worse … then my estimated price is 5 eurs higher :slight_smile:

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This offer is very bad and way too expensive.
With it I can summon 9x S1 heroes + Para (I did 14 summons in Kalavela portal and that is what I got from it). You can also bring your Klaern to 3/70 and then ascend him and max him to 4/80 instantly!


If nobody buys it, they may sweeten it for the next time it comes up, until people start buying it. But…I bet there are a few that will bite, no matter what.

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You guys saw today’s new offer, right?

SG be tripping if they offer basically 2 items plus some average tokens for 100$…


They’ve radically overestimated what “new” brings to a consumable item.

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Nice breakdown! Would love to get @BlackZed 's take on this as well. IIRC,

10x EHT = 3000 gems
1x Legendary Tome of Ascension = 8x 4AM = $40 (excluding food/iron costs which do have some value)
1x Legendary Tome of Experience = 8x Epic Tome of Experience = $64 (excluding food and iron costs which should add $10-$20 or more)

So, all in all around $130 worth of items for $100.

For some players, time is money. E.g., there’s no guarantee when you’d be able to secure all the AMs to ascend a hero. I for one, don’t like to wait years but I’m C2P so this offer is not for me, but I can see some going after this.

Your valuation of EHT is an interesting take but EHT can have high values in Kalevala or Winter summon - winter heroes still feature prominently in the top raid teams. They are also the one of the cheapest ways for F2P/C2P to get quality heroes. I’m guessing we’ll be seeing more seasonal summon portals in future so I’m not sure if we should downgrade EHTs just yet.

Also noteworthy is that Lianna’s offer or Black Friday summon costs just as much and gives 1/3rd (or less?) the AMs but 4x 10 pulls or 1x 30 pull + 1x 10 pull for same price. And you still got to add the time factor waiting for rest of AMs, farming etc.

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Here you go. :point_up:

I will look at that “yellow” offer soon. This offer is easier to analyse. Been busy.

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That cost breakdown assumes that all AM have equal value. They don’t. Even the same item can have different values to different players because only the ones you don’t already have are worth buying. You can’t place full value on the AMs that go into ascending a hero because you can’t use the AM you already have. So the monetary value should only apply to half (at most) of the value we place on AMs.

It’s really wrong to consider a 5star tome as being worth 4x 4star tome. Really. It does the job of four, but only if you use the four tomes in the stupidest way possible.

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Thanks @BlackZed! I updated my offer post.

@Mikal Couldn’t agree more with you. 1x Tome can be worth 6x Tonic because you need that many to ascend a hero. Gems can be cheaper if bought from Zynga store as well. The generalization I did is supposed to give a ballpark.

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Much of the value you place on that Tonic is that you get to choose that it’s the Tonic you get. It’s not valued at 6x the cost of one Tonic because the only time you buy the Tonic is when you already have four or five of them and just need to complete the set. The last Tonic you need is worth far more to you than the first one you get.

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The last Tonic you need is worth far more to you than the first one you get.

Emotionally yes. Rationally not so much. The dollar cost of one tonic is the cost of one tonic - no matter if it’s your 1st or 6th or 100th - SG charges the same.

I get your viewpoint but if we start going down that rabbit hole, we can never assign any rational value to anything. Peace out!


Master Trainer Offer ($9.99)

Items Value
4x 3* Master Trainers -
5x 2* Master Trainers -
6x 1* Master Trainers -
Total $10.00

Synopsis If you want to spend money on these, then this $10 Master Trainer offer seems to be on par with Feel The Power’s $5 offer while both are significantly better than the $30 Master Trainer offer. However you can also obtain them practically for free along with Legendary pulls in Feel The Might or Tier 5 in Court Of Roses

Appeared On: [July 14, 2022], [August 30, 2022], [October 5, 2022], [November 16, 2022], [December 7, 2022], [December 29, 2022], [January 15, 2023], [February 1, 2023], [March 1, 2023], [April 6, 2023], [June 1, 2023], [June 19, 2023], [August 8, 2023], [September 1, 2023], [September 26, 2023], [October 20, 2023], [November 14, 2023], [December 12, 2023], [January 4, 2024], [February 22, 2024], [March 6, 2024], [May 4, 2024], [May 22, 2024]

Other valuations


Challenge Offers

[July 14, 2022]

Day 1
Tier 1
Items Value
3000x Gems $15.00
100x Challenge Coins $13.00
10x WE Flasks $5.00
Total $33.00
Tier 2
Items Value
200x Gems $1.00
Total $1.00

Synopsis Tier 1 is a plus value offer if you consider the flasks. Tier 2 is standard offer for gems and is a fair value one as get dollar per dollar.

Day 2
Items Value
300x Gems $1.50
10x Challenge Coins $1.30
Total $2.80

Synopsis A subpar offer as you get less game dollars per real dollar.

Day 3
Items Value
400x Gems $2.00
15x Challenge Coins $1.95
Total $3.95

Synopsis A slight subpar offer as you get less game dollars per real dollar.

Day 4
Items Value
3000x Gems $15.00
100x Challenge Coins $13.00
5x WE Flasks $2.50
Total $30.50

Synopsis A slightly plus value offer considering the flasks.

Other valuations
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:joy::rofl::joy::rofl: I believe there is. Done for Atlantis. A long time ago. Will get to it.

For starters : 200gems for us$0.99 is one of the better deals. 48% discount. I buy that to load up on gems slowly.