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Will get to NT offers. Knew you would beep me. Lol

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Choose Your Ascension (Guinevere version)

Items Value
3000x Gems $15.00
1x Titan Flask $1.00
1x 4AM $5.00
Total $21.00

Synopsis Unlike the Captain Nemo offer, you get only 1x 4AM along with 3000 gems and 1x titan flask. Unless you’re in a pinch for mats, this is a subpar offer as you get less game dollar per real dollar.

Other valuations

Appeared On: [July 28, 2022], [September 5, 2022], [November 24, 2022], [December 16, 2022], [January 7, 2023], [January 26, 2023], [February 10, 2023], [March 12, 2023]

Done. Plus the Tower offers.

I need you to post something in that Aethers thread again. Thank you.

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Hobgoblin’s Crazy Gem Spectacular

:money_mouth_face: Value Breakdown

[July 30, 2022], [March 7, 2023]

Valhalla Offers

:money_mouth_face: Value Breakdown

[August 1, 2022]
image image image

Back From The Dead
Note: This is targeted offer for low level players (I got the screenshot from a friend who’s at Level 1)

:money_mouth_face: Value Breakdown (@BlackZed would love to see the value on this :smile: )

[August 1, 2022]

Okay. Downloaded that. Will get cracking.

Stardust Offer

Items Value
200x Gems $1.00
1x ETT $0.80
Battle Items $0.00
Total $1.80

Synopsis A subpar offer given low returns on game dollars.

@BlackZed Valuation

Appeared On: [August 2, 2022], [September 6, 2022], [October 4, 2022], [December 6, 2022], [January 3, 2023], [February 7, 2023], [March 8, 2023]

Gem Extravaganza


Items Value
300 Gems $1.50
Total $1.50

Synopsis A subpar offer as you get less game dollars per real dollar.

:- 4x buy, Mystery offer -:

If you buy all 4, you unlock this mystery offer

Items Value
1600 Gems $8.00
Total $8.00

Combining all tiers

Items Value
2800 Gems $14.00
Total $14.00

So 4*1.99 + 7.99 = $16.00

Synopsis Assuming this is still the latest price, this is a subpar offer. If the price of the mystery offer has gone down and is $5.99 then it is fair value offer.

Other valuations

Appeared On: [August 2, 2022], [September 11, 2022], [October 2, 2022], [October 22, 2022], [November 14, 2022], [December 4, 2022], [December 30, 2022], [January 19, 2023], [March 8, 2023]

Heads up. Link not working for these 2 posts.


I don’t know what you’re talking about :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Choose Your Ascension (Freya version)

Items Value
4x 4AM $20.00
2x 3AM $2.00
Total $22.00

Synopsis A subpar offer offer as you get less game dollar per real dollar.

Other valuations
Appeared On: [August 3, 2022], [September 13, 2022], [November 9, 2022], [November 27, 2022], [December 3, 2022], [March 16, 2023]

This offer comes with a surcharge for being able to purchase 3x of the same 4AM at one go. Rather than painstakingly buy those combo offers, one at a time.

It is a convenient offer for those in a hurry.

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@BlackZed I just realized that they changed this offer from what I’ve linked to. Can you do an update?

@BlackZed this one needs some TLC too

Use this thread.

It’s a different way of analysing the offer but comes back to the same.

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Updated that post. Premium is reduced but it’s still there

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Noor’s Necessities

:money_mouth_face: Value Breakdown

[2022-08-06T04:00:00Z], [February 4, 2023]

Legends’ Prime Offer


Items Value
300x Gems $1.50
100x Legends Coin $1.30
Total $2.80

Synopsis A subpar offer. You can buy a max of 5 of these so that gives you 5 coin pulls. However, this portal costs 2600 gems for a 10 pull but you’re paying as if it’s a 3000 gems portal.
For Legends pull, the best offer remains the Legends Ultimate Offer which gives you 30 pulls for $30 or $1 per pull (and you get WE flasks as bonus). This offer appears 2 days after this offer (on the last day of Legends challenge). Cyber Monday is another exceptionally good offer for Legends coins.

Other valuations

Appeared On: [August 8, 2022], [October 3, 2022], [November 28, 2022], [January 23, 2023], [March 20, 2023]

:joy::rofl: link fixed

Need you to post a limit break post again. Just in case. Thank you.