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Thought there was something odd about the gem quantity. Lol

Updated my post.

Thank you for the heads up.

Updated my post to reflect the combined discount.

Some offers are a better purchase when purchased in totality, rather than focus on the cheaper tier.

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Underwild Offers

[July 21, 2022]

Day 1
Tier 1
Items Value
3000x Gems $15.00
1000x Underwild Coins $15.00
10x WE Flask $5.00
Total $35.00

Synopsis A plus value offer as you more per dollar return in game value.

Tier 2
Items Value
120x Loot Tickets $6.00
1x WE Flask $0.50
1x Monster Lure -
Total $6.50

Synopsis Monster Lure is hard to assess. To break even, you’d need to farm at leas 230 Underwild coins. Otherwise a subpar offer.

Tier 3
Items Value
600x Gems $3.00
Total $3.00

Synopsis A standard gem offer and a fair value one if you’re looking just for gems.

Day 2
Items Value
400x Gems $2.00
100x Underwild Coins $1.50
Total $3.50

Synopsis A subpar offer as you get less game dollar per real dollar.

Day 3
Items Value
500x Underwild Coins $7.50
Battle Items -
Total $7.50

Synopsis A plus value offer and one of the cheapest coin offers. You pay $1 per pull, with no gem tax and get battle items for free.

Day 4
Items Value
3000x Gems $15.00
1000x Underwild Coins $15.00
5x Raid Flask $2.50
5x Titan Flask $2.50
Total $35.00

Synopsis A plus value offer considering the flasks, otherwise a fair value offer.

Other valuations

Posted in that other thread.

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Did this too. In that other thread. Recently.

Master Trainer Offer #2
This one’s an updated offer with more trainers for more price

:money_mouth_face: Value Breakdown

@BlackZed compared to the other offer, you get (assuming you bought the other offer 3 times)

  • 3x more 2* trainers
  • same 3* trainers
  • 6x more 4* trainer (this is where the real value is as the other offer doesn’t have 4*s)
Appeared On: [July 22, 2022], [September 15, 2022], [November 30, 2022], [January 9, 2023]

Okay. I thought it looked more expensive. :joy::rofl:

I updated the original post. Tidier this way.

Easier to compare too.

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Forbidden Treasure Elemental Offer

:money_mouth_face: Value Breakdown (couldn’t find one, if someone has it, let me know and I’ll update the post)

[July 23, 2022]


500 gems = S$7.18 from Shop

2x 3AM = S$3.00
3* Hero Trainer 1x = S$1.19
Price for all 3 items = S$4.19

Gems used to purchase that offer should be from a gem offer with at least 42% discount; otherwise that offer would be overpriced.

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This offer wiped me out.

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Would’ve been a steal in March 2020

Hellooo! Updated my post on that monster lure.

I added in the rest of the offers. List is now complete.

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Break The Limits

Tier 1
Items Value
600 Gems $3.00
1x EHT $1.30
1x Partial Aether Set -
Total $4.30

* Aether Set = 1x 5*, (5 or 6)x 4*, 10x 3* aethers

Synopsis Almost a fair value offer and if they included at least one 5* aether, this would have been a plus value offer.

Tier 2
Items Value
3400 Gems $17.00
1x EHT $1.30
1x ETT $0.80
2x Aether Set $10.00
1x 5* aether -
Farmable Items -
Titan Flask -
Total $29.10

* Aether Set = 1x 5*, (5 or 6)x 4*, 10x 3* aethers

Synopsis Similar to tier 1, this is almost a fair value offer, and it would have been a plus value offer if they had added another full aether set. Now, if you’ve noticed, tier 1 was missing a 5* aether, therefore purchasing both tiers will result in an additional $5 worth of items, making them a plus value offer.

Tier 3
Items Value
10000 Gems $50.00
10x Aether Set $50.00
3x EHT $3.90
3x ETT $2.40
Total $106.30

* Aether Set = 1x 5*, (5 or 6)x 4*, 10x 3* aethers

Synopsis Unlike the first two tiers, this carries full aether sets and the upper end one where you get 6x 4* aethers - making this a plus value value.

Other valuations
Appeared On: [July 24, 2022], [August 28, 2022], [September 14, 2022], [September 28, 2022], [October 20, 2022], [November 8, 2022], [November 29, 2022], [December 13, 2022], [January 10, 2023]
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Tournament Offer v2

:money_mouth_face: Value Breakdown (@BlackZed this seems like a newer offer with double backpacks, more trainers etc.)

For reference: Previous offer

[July 24, 2022], [September 4, 2022], [September 25, 2022], [October 16, 2022], [November 7, 2022], [December 18, 2022], [January 8, 2023]

Yup. Zynga did it again. They enhanced that basic offer. Will get to it. Thank you for the heads up.

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I updated my original post. Added in the upgraded offer because that offer focuses on 1/2* hero trainers.

In the event that there are 2 versions of this 1/2* Hero Trainer tournament packs, it will be easier to compare and decide.

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Atlantis Offer

:money_mouth_face: Value Breakdown

[July 25, 2022]
image image

Gems From The Deep

:money_mouth_face: Value Breakdown (also has screenshot of unlocked mystery offer)

Appeared On: [July 25, 2022], [August 23, 2022], [September 16, 2022], [November 24, 2022], [December 15, 2022], [January 8, 2023]

Coming soon. Will beep you once done.

@mrchief : done

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Level Up with Experience

:money_mouth_face: Value Breakdown

[July 26, 2022], [August 16, 2022], [September 2, 2022], [September 25, 2022], [October 15, 2022]

Offer updated as of [November 3, 2022]

[November 19, 2022], [December 9, 2022], [January 21, 2023]

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