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@Mikal click on the Value Breakdown link - it has a cleared copy and that topic also has it in lots of other currencies

@Suraj283 I found a post about this very issue.

Hellow dear Mr Chief. I know price difference between different countries… Just want to tell obscene price of legendary tomes.
Thanks. You have nice dp.

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Gem Whirlpool

:money_mouth_face: Value Breakdown (also contains details about mystery offer)

[July 18, 2022], [September 6, 2022]

Treasure of Three Kingdoms

:money_mouth_face: Value Breakdown

[Jul 2022]



It’s Raining Loot Tickets

[July 19, 2022], [August 16, 2022], [November 15, 2022]


Items Value
1000 Gems $5.00
100 Loot Tickets $5.00
1x WE Flasks $0.50
Total $10.50

Synopsis A fair value offer as you get dollar for dollar in game value discounting the flask and a teensy better if you include the flask.

Other valuations

i’m late to the discussion of this Senan tomes offer, but i do think we’re missing some key valuations that SG thinks matter, even if we don’t.

i do agree that this is an incredibly pricey offer for what it’s giving, and someone really has to value their time to want to make this purchase if they even can and want to.

those mats are extensive. considering SG values the cost of a full food refill from the shop (from zero) at around 5300 gems (US$53), we’re severely underestimating the food value alone in leveling a 5* hero from 4.1 to 4.80.

you need 173484 XP to take a hero from 4.1 to 4.80.*** unless you have 27 4* Master Trainers lying around, you’re gonna be spending at least around 3 million food, depending on how you distribute among 1* feeders, 2* ones, 3* and above, and trainer heroes. even if you’re only using 1* and 2* feeders, SG does place a value on those since they cost 1200 gems for a 10-pull in the daily summon; again, we may not put that kind of value on those resources, but SG does.

TL;DR: i think this offer is in line with what SG values these materials, and i don’t foresee SG ever dropping the price on these particular items or this kind of offer.

***i’ve gotten two Legendary Tomes of Experience from war chests, so i’ve seen that XP number twice now.

It really depends on what the player have saved already. I agree, new players probably don’t have the mats or food saved. But, older players probably have mats and food. Not to mention, the alchemy lab is running and items stacked in the lab as well as in the HA. This is why you hear players including me saying it’s not worth. For $99 USD, there’s always sales for mats 24.99 and hams for $5. I think you would do better saving the 99 dollars and just grinding for a week or two. 50 bucks can get you the mats. SG seems to have sales daily.

Feel The Might (Eloise, Emblems)

:money_mouth_face: Value Breakdown

[July 19, 2022]

Magpies’ Emblem Boutique

Tier 1

Items Value
50 Gems $0.25
30 Emblems $0.75
Total $1.00

Synopsis A fair value offer as you get dollar for dollar in game value.

Tier 2

Items Value
150 Gems $0.75
90 Emblems $2.25
1x ETT $0.80
Total $3.80

Synopsis A plus value offer as you get dollar for dollar in game value and an ETT for free.

Appeared On: [July 20, 2022], [August 22, 2022], [September 19, 2022], [October 7, 2022], [October 29, 2022], [November 21, 2022]

Other valuations

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Aethers Aplenty


Dark: [July 20, 2022]
Holy: [September 21, 2022], [October 19, 2022]
Nature: [November 16, 2022]
Items Value
2500 Gems $12.50
3x Aether Set* $15.00
Total $27.50

*Aether Set = 1x 5*, (5 or 6)x 4*, 10x 3* aethers

Synopsis A subpar offer as you are not only paying gem tax for aethers, you’re also getting less game dollar per real dollar.

Other valuations

Thought there was something odd about the gem quantity. Lol

Updated my post.

Thank you for the heads up.

Updated my post to reflect the combined discount.

Some offers are a better purchase when purchased in totality, rather than focus on the cheaper tier.

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Underwild Offers

[July 21, 2022]

Day 1
Tier 1
Items Value
3000x Gems $15.00
1000x Underwild Coins $15.00
10x WE Flask $5.00
Total $35.00

Synopsis A plus value offer as you more per dollar return in game value.

Tier 2
Items Value
120x Loot Tickets $6.00
1x WE Flask $0.50
1x Monster Lure -
Total $6.50

Synopsis Monster Lure is hard to assess. To break even, you’d need to farm at leas 230 Underwild coins. Otherwise a subpar offer.

Tier 3
Items Value
600x Gems $3.00
Total $3.00

Synopsis A standard gem offer and a fair value one if you’re looking just for gems.

Day 2
Items Value
400x Gems $2.00
100x Underwild Coins $1.50
Total $3.50

Synopsis A subpar offer as you get less game dollar per real dollar.

Day 3
Items Value
500x Underwild Coins $7.50
Battle Items -
Total $7.50

Synopsis A plus value offer and one of the cheapest coin offers. You pay $1 per pull, with no gem tax and get battle items for free.

Day 4
Items Value
3000x Gems $15.00
1000x Underwild Coins $15.00
5x Raid Flask $2.50
5x Titan Flask $2.50
Total $35.00

Synopsis A plus value offer considering the flasks, otherwise a fair value offer.

Other valuations

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Did this too. In that other thread. Recently.

Master Trainer Offer #2
This one’s an updated offer with more trainers for more price

:money_mouth_face: Value Breakdown

[July 22, 2022], [September 15, 2022]

@BlackZed compared to the other offer, you get (assuming you bought the other offer 3 times)

  • 3x more 2* trainers
  • same 3* trainers
  • 6x more 4* trainer (this is where the real value is as the other offer doesn’t have 4*s)

Okay. I thought it looked more expensive. :joy::rofl:

I updated the original post. Tidier this way.

Easier to compare too.

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Forbidden Treasure Elemental Offer

:money_mouth_face: Value Breakdown (couldn’t find one, if someone has it, let me know and I’ll update the post)

[July 23, 2022]


500 gems = S$7.18 from Shop

2x 3AM = S$3.00
3* Hero Trainer 1x = S$1.19
Price for all 3 items = S$4.19

Gems used to purchase that offer should be from a gem offer with at least 42% discount; otherwise that offer would be overpriced.

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