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Beach Party Offers 2024 - D9

[June 11, 2024]

Tier 1

Items Value
3x EHT $3.90
300x Goblin Coins $5.10
20x Aether Crystals $3.40
0.5M Food $0.50
1x Roster Expansion $0.00
Total $12.90

Tier 2

Items Value
3000x Gems $15.00
2x Aether Set $10.00
1x Partial Aether Set -
Total $25.00

Synopsis T1 is an assorted bouquet and is slightly plus value. Roster expansion is practically free with this one so if you don’t mind neither here nor there items and in a pinch for space, this is a good offer. Hopefully SE will arrive soon this month and we’ll have breathing room again. T2 includes 2 full aether sets and an extra 5* but you pay gem tax and is a subpar offer. For the same price, Aethers Aplenty will give you more aethers.