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Strengthen Your Troops

:money_mouth_face: Value Breakdown

[July 11, 2022], [September 12, 2022]

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Probably the algorithm figured you’re not stupid to fall for this trap :wink:

The major difference between this and Lianna is that this one has 2x 4AM, 2x 3AM whereas Lianna had 3x 4AM, 1x 3AM. Tomes are the rarest to find so I guess that justifies the extra 60% uptick in value :smile:

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Summoning Extravaganza

[July 11, 2022], [August 26, 2022], [September 10, 2022], [September 20, 2022], [October 14, 2022]


:money_mouth_face: Value Breakdowns :money_mouth_face:

@Sir_Crapsalot Valuation

Items Value
400 Atlantis Coins $6.00
400 Valhalla Coins $6.00
400 Underwild Coins $6.00
400 Legends Coins $5.20
400 Ninja Tower Coins $5.20
40 Challenge Coins $5.20
20 Costume Keys $6.00
4x EHT $5.20
Total $44.80

Synopsis A plus plus value offer as you get $1.49 in game value per $1.00 spent for real dollar.

@BlackZed Valuation

Great Power Offer

:money_mouth_face: Value Breakdown

[July 12, 2022], [September 18, 2022]


Roster Expansion Offer


Items Value
500 Gems $2.50
1x EHT $1.30
Total $3.80

Synopsis In order for this offer to be fair value, your roster expansion cost in the shop needs to be at least 240 gems. The higher the roster expansion cost, the more value you get out of this.

Other valuations
Appeared On: [July 13, 2022], [August 27, 2022], [September 12, 2022], [October 6, 2022], [November 15, 2022], [November 26, 2022]

Wardrobe Wonders! (aka costume chamber aka masquerade event)

[Jul 2022], [September 5, 2022], [October 31, 2022]

Day 1
Items Value
300x Gems $1.50
5x Costume Key $1.50
Total $3.00

Synopsis A fair value offer as you get dollar for dollar in game value.

Day 2
Items Value
1000x Gems $5.00
25x Costume Key $7.50
Total $12.50

Synopsis A plus value offer as you get more game value dollar per real dollar.

Day 3
Items Value
3000x Gems $15.00
50x Costume Key $15.00
5M Food $5.00
Total $35.00

Synopsis A plus value offer if you consider the food/ham, otherwise a fair value offer. However, if the trend holds, we should also see the Feel The Might (Eloise) on Day 3 which is arguably the best offer for buying costume keys (no gem/item tax) - you pay $1 per pull which is the cheapest costume pull.

Other valuations
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This offer appears once per account. And it is random in timing I think.

It’s been at least 3 years. Don’t recall receiving this offer. Or that other one. :smirk:

Would have been a great “starter offer” if I was inclined to spend $148.98. :rofl::joy:

Legendary tome of ascension and legendory time of experience, now at 110 USD… Enjoy.


Does that white tome raises hero 1/1 to 4/80 and doesnt use any 4* mats?

Yes, but I don’t think it’s worth $100 USD at all. More like $50

I just can’t see spending 100 to level up one hero.

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No it doesn’t do that. What you do is have a 5* hero at 3.70, you use the white tome to ascend them without any resources or mats. Then you can level them up to 80 like regular or use a legendary tome of exp to instantly gain 80 lvls.


Feel The Power (Senan)

:money_mouth_face: Value Breakdown

[July 14, 2022], , [September 4, 2022]

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Then its even worse… thanks for answering :slight_smile:

Lets do a quick math of this offer :

10 eht equals to 10 pulls, which in seasonal portals means 3000 gems, but EHT has lowest value of them all, so its closer to 2000 gems = 20 eur from shop or 10 eur if its during any regular sale. We take average of that and its 15 eur.

taking a hero from 4/1 to 4/80 doesnt require anything but recruits and mats, so it has low value. I will estimate, it cant be worth more than 15 eur.

White tome saves you 7 4* mats. There are monthly offers for 30 eurs for 4 4* mats. If we buy this offer twice, we get for 60 eurs 8 4* mats. We need to take one off, since we need 7, so 5 eurs off = 55 eurs.

Total sum = 15+15+55 = 85 eur // they are adding 15 eurs on top of that, since those tomes look shiny! Its way overpriced , if we just take into consideration regular offers. And biggers offers should be in favour of they buyer, since you are investing more money to SG than regular buyers :slight_smile:

Even, if the offer would take your 1/1 hero to 4/80, it would be overpriced, but then I could see heavy spenders going for such offer, since they dont have available recruits and ham if they are power lvling so many heroes :slight_smile:

SG = add 5.000 gems to this offer or extra 40 eht :slight_smile:

Small correction: you need 8 4* mats to ascend a hero to 4/1.


Even worse … then my estimated price is 5 eurs higher :slight_smile:

This offer is very bad and way too expensive.
With it I can summon 9x S1 heroes + Para (I did 14 summons in Kalavela portal and that is what I got from it). You can also bring your Klaern to 3/70 and then ascend him and max him to 4/80 instantly!


If nobody buys it, they may sweeten it for the next time it comes up, until people start buying it. But…I bet there are a few that will bite, no matter what.

You guys saw today’s new offer, right?

SG be tripping if they offer basically 2 items plus some average tokens for 100$…

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