USA Dream Team

English speaking alliance.

Active alliance looking for strong player, but willing to accept a player willing to grow.
Most members have been with the alliance over 1 year.

Currently hitting 9*, 10*, and 11* titans. Usually win 3 out of 4 Wars.

Many members enjoy having a drink while we play.

Members from Coast to Coast with one International. Men and women.

Line ID: Kayo2527

Position is filled. Thank you!

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We’re back to an opening. Please see original post. If you have any interest and qualify please find us in the game, or send me a message, or reply here!!

Position has been filled. Thank you!

One more spot opening up in 21 hours (finishing a titan and then the spot will open up).

Mostly 10* titans, with the occasional 9*, and recently an 11*.

We make recommendations to improve if you want it, but ultimately, your team is your own.

Hit me up here or on line and we can reserve the spot for you.

Line: kayo2527

Thank you!

EDIT: the spot opening up was for a member that was taking time off, but has now elected to stay, so we won’t be filing the spot after all!

We’re back! Just finished off our 4th 10* in a row, we’re expecting an 11* next.

See original post for basics. Your team is your own. Come check us out! USA Dream Team

Happening right now

Aaaaaaand, spot has been filled :slight_smile:

We’re doing some Spring Cleaning!

If you’ve been wanting to leave your alliance because you’re pulling your weight and others aren’t putting in the same effort, but need few days to fill your War Chest, say goodbye, finish a titan, etc. - let me know.

We’re constantly growing and have been clearing out the dead weight.

If you want to complete like a top 100 alliance without the pressures of a top 100 alliance, then we’re probably right for you.

As long as you’re active in titans and Wars, you get to play the way you like.

If the above sounds good, message me here or on Line and we’ll make room for you. Feel free to look us up!

The spot is officially open, and there will be a 2nd spot coming soon.

So if you and an active friend are looking for a home together, we can make it happen!

1st position has been filled! Second spot coming available in a day or two.

Spot is now open! Currently taking on 11* titan.

Join us!

I am not sure why I found this thread so funny…maybe it’s because I read it all at once without regard to dates. I am quite happy in my current alliance, but just wanted to let you know you aren’t alone in this thread. :laughing:

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Would be great if it were just one chaotic day Teammates flying off the shelves!

Alas, we’ve steered the direction towards rewarding the good players by getting rid of players not pulling their weight. All departures have been amicable, though.

Two spots open. Come with a friend.

Open spot available!

Hitting 10 -12* titans. The 10s are farmed.

Winning more Wars than we’re losing.

If your alliance isn’t putting in the same effort, join an alliance where your participation is rewarded.

USA Dream Team!

One spot open, make yourself at home! People leave our alliance on great terms!

Need a new alliance. Username is youngdavy

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@Youngdavy find us in the alliance search:

USA Dream Team