USA Dream Team - top 300 alliance - we are looking for you!

Do you want to fight against 10* titans regularly? Win more wars than lose? Are you an established player with 3800+ defense power and a full complement of 30 4*/5* heroes for War? We want you!

Friendly top 300 ranked alliance, has been around for well into it’s 2nd year. Will assist with player growth if you want that. We ask you be an active player, growing your roster, and hit the titan at least 4 times. That said, there is no pressure in our alliance to “encourage” player spending in order to accelerate roster growth. F2P/C2P always welcome, as well as those who chose to spend on the game.

We also ask that if you chose to participate in wars (optional for us) you follow a simple and established War strategy. If you chose to participate you are expected to use all 6 flags. Not using all flags and not opting-out with regularity will result in demotion/removal.

Chat if you want to, but chat is not required. Many of our members are good teammates who participate but rarely engage in chat, which is fine with us. Chat is not heavy so if you want a super chatty bunch we might not be for you. We use Line very sparingly and is not required.

If you want to play and grow with this game, we definitely are a good match for you!

One opening available…come join the USA Dream Team!

One spot open right now. USA Dream Team currently fighting 10* Rare Titan!

One spot open. Currently looking to finish off an 11* titan