US Senator just introduced bill to ban loot boxes


This is true, and if I was prepared to use amazon (or the like) it might be possible.

But really I’d just like Lego to not be scummy and sell the minifigs as official sets, then I would be prepared to spend more money :slight_smile:

Edit: also I have it on fairly good authority (a lego enthusiast working in a supermarket) that a lot of people just camped out in the aisle and groped the minifig bags till they identified the distinguishing pieces.

And my kid’s pretty amazing otherwise with temptation. We can pass all the sweets and cookies without any comments, but those minifig stands are catnip!


I honestly hate micro transactions. I feel like it’s a way for companies to skimp out on real updates and just make you pay extra for the sh¡t you want or that should already be in the game. I have spent far to much money on that sh¡t and most of the time I’d wish I hadn’t after I did it.


Meanwhile certain senators (no idea if this is one of them) seem to have no problem with kids having access to their parents’ GUNS. Credit cards, though, instant panic. Proof positive that money > human life innit.


Ah, but maybe we just need some good guys with credit cards?

That’s a bad joke, and I am a bad person for thinking it.

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Yes you are. Reckon that makes two of us, because I laughed.

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I understand your professor’s point. Many of the Caucasian lawyers I have worked with share it.

But many of the law firm’s minority staff who work 3 jobs ( nights and weekends) play the lottery every day.

I have heard the lottery called a tax on the poor.

The biggest problem is not the big games ( see Notes ) but the scratch offs. This is why some of the shop offers disturb me more than the HotM.


“ People who say they are good at self-control are often people who live in environments with fewer temptations.”

“ “State lotteries have a business model that’s based on getting up to 70 to 80 percent of their revenue from 10 percent of the people that use the lottery,” anti-gambling advocate Les Bernal told the Pew Charitable Trusts.”
“ In Connecticut, and other states around the nation, these smaller games have been on the rise, as some states rely more and more on these repeat gamblers.”


Pretty much what will happen i believe. And based on some of the stuff I’ve seen go on within the game itself(pedophiles and what not), it probably should be anyways. Of course zel just got panties so maybe devs are goin the opposite direction lol who knows…

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Don’t think politics belong on this site,talk of Caucasians and minorities then linking liberal propoganda sites like VOX don’t really relate much to this game or loot boxes.

This topic has nothing to do with race. Keep that on your YouTube comments if you want to act like loot boxes are the white man flexing his power.

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Instead of politics, I wanted to know how will it affect the game and non-US players if implemented?


I wouldn’t be surprised even if it was passed, it would be challenged by some pretty wealthy tech giants and will be in court for a couple of years, by which time E&P will have been dropped


By the time the bill was successfully implemented, only a small fraction of us will be affected. The majority had either rage quit or turning 100% f2p due to not getting the heroes they wanted and the AW, titan, raid and elemental monster chests consist mostly of farmable materials. Those scopes, rings, blades and tome of tactics are exclusive at the shop where it read… ‘get at least 2 of the following item…’ with 1200 gems or so.

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I am not a US citizen, I don’t even buy gems (F2P) but if it affect how the games work, it will also affect me indirectly…


People said that 2 years ago…yet here we are

Btw 20+ maxed 5s and around 40 to 45 maxed 4s without buying the RNG Shop offers…


Luckily things work very slowly with regards to politicians!


Yeah. Frustration leads to rage and dissappointment.
Things get much easier when we don’t take the game too serious.
Infatuation on being at the top is an exception though.

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I really get annoyed at our government. To pay for a transaction = applying a credit card or payment type. This requires a password. If parent doesn’t want child to pay, then don’t give password. Problem solved and no need to make a law. My teenager’s account is locked so they can’t make purchases. They want something and we discuss and I unlock account. Why the the government need to parent for us?


I used to play fortnite (save the world not battle royal) and they changed their loot boxes because of laws like this in other countries I think or in preparation for laws like that. They had a llama system that you could buy to get heros and weapons. Now they have “x-ray vision” so you can see what’s in the llama before you buy it and they put a 50 llama limit a day on them.

By the time they did this tho I had everything I wanted lol

But it makes me wonder how this game would handle it if that law gets passed

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Interview with said senator about the bill.

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“Pay to win” is the worst that has happened to the gaming industry. Actually there’s something worse and it’s “pay to play” which is the future if countries don’t intervene.

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