US Senator just introduced bill to ban loot boxes

He wants to ban loot boxes and micro transactions for games played by children. End of P2W? Did he not get the HOTM he wanted?


Good to know (even when I don’t live in the USA). Do you know when a game “for children” begins on his opinion? E&P has age restriction maybe not involved if law will come?
Edit: …and definitely did not get the HOTM he wanted :rofl:

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we all living in Amerika…not, fortunately :laughing:


How will it affect non-US players?

I just read the news and it says game for minor (under 18), not only children. That senator want to ban pay to win. Is he an F2P player? :rofl:


This reeks of communism


Well, I’m not sure that E&P is aimed at children, but I certainly think that freemium games with in app transactions can be problematic for a lot of people, and putting them in games for kids is pretty gross.

That being said, we have long tolerated all kinds physical of “lootboxes” aimed at kids. Kinder eggs (and all it’s brethren of starwars/Cars/Frozen eggs of junk), Lego Minifig bags etc. Lego minfigs especially makes me livid. My kid learned long ago that the eggs are junk and never asks for them anymore, but we ALL wanted those lego batman minifigs :frowning:

Lootboxes in games is something that has become ubiquitous so the idea that they could be banned seems unlikely. However, if lootboxes someday disappear from games, I won’t be shedding any tears.


Easy solution, mark the game at 18+, right?


I am that Senator, and no, I did not get the HOTM I wanted.


In all seriousness, I’m not a fan of loot boxes, but I think if you allow YOUR KID to use YOUR CREDIT CARD to buy loot boxes on a game that you let them play WITHOUT YOUR SUPERVISION, that’s kind of a parenting fail on your own part, and not really anybody else’s fault. :man_shrugging:


Ok, so which Senator was it? I hope it wasn’t one of the two numbskulls from my state. :roll_eyes:

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According to Google, it was Senator Josh Hawley ( R ) of Missouri (pronounced “Misery”) :laughing:

EDIT: I kid. I drove through Missouri once. It wasn’t the worst state I’ve ever driven through.


Right, but the state run lotteries are fine…SMH.


Those are okay because they pay for the skoolz :rofl:

I’m actually 100% okay with gambling, as long as it’s regulated to prevent cheating and the participants are informed of the odds.

If you know the odds (are stacked against you) and you choose to play anyway, well… a fool and his money…


Or, as one of my professors said after showing how to calculate the odds of winning Powerball, “The lottery is a tax on people who are bad at math.”


I’m okay at math, but I am a fool.

I know people who have won the lottery. I know the odds of them winning were a bazillion to one, yet here they are. They won against overwhelming odds.

I do gamble, because I hope that one day I’ll be the bazillion to one guy, but I go in knowing full well that it’s probably never going to happen. I don’t expect to win anything ever. But it would be really cool if I did :sunglasses:


I’m excellent at math so I only throw a $20 at it when it’s over a quarter billion or so. Go big or go home.

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Wouldn’t that be awesome? Man, if I had $250,000,000, I’d probably get at least three or four 5* heroes. :grin:


you and i think alike… :grin:


I too know people who’ve won the lottery. Not necessarily the top prize, but more money than some make in 10 years, which is very significant. Playing it for fun, knowing you won’t likely win, with a couple bucks is fine.

If they ban loot boxes, the CCG companies will have some issues. One could even argue that sports cards would be similar.

Whahahaa this will be volunteering Tax, no one force to buy, but gladly to paid that kind of tax.

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Instead of gacha style, I just look for those who have collected full sets and pay them extra for their effort. No need to go “gatcha-ing” for those lego minifigs. :wink:

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