URSENA's skill no longer reflects Guinevere's Mana Reduction

I tried the Ursena special in war.
Now Guin drain mana all team.
before last update all resist mana cut.
Has something changed with the latest update?


Real annoying bug.
I hope they fix it quickly again.

mana reduction != Status effect

May 19 - new ?


I noticed this today while raiding and I’m furious. I have 9 emblems on my Ursena and this bug massively reduces her utility. This needs fixed yesterday.

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You are absolutely correct that a mana reduction isn’t considered a status effect.

However, it was true before that Ursena’s reflect buff Reflect_Holly would reflect mana reductions from yellow heroes as well.

I even wrote a reply in that thread talking about it:

In this latest release, the above is no longer true.

I am unsure if this was intentional. And even if it is or isn’t, there’s no mention of this change in the release notes of the latest version: Version 24 Release Notes & Status

I’ve brought this up to the attention of the staff.


I checked this from our developers, indeed this change is intended but it was missing from the release notes. We have now updated the release notes, my apologies for the missing information!


“Everything else is blocked, but not reflected back to the opponent”

Hmm… there might still be a problem then? The mana reduction was not blocked, but the team with the holy reflect buff got their mana reduced instead (see video).

Is that correct behavior then? Just trying to ensure that :slight_smile:


So help me understand: now Ursena works as originally intended, but this fix makes her less effective than before? (At least against Guin)

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What’s happening in the game isn’t the same as what is in the release notes.

If ursena is blocking the mana reduction the mana of the team shouldn’t go down.


Noticed since last update team is losing mana after guin fires special even while ursena special is active. This needs fixed.


Guins mana drop is part of her special. I can no longer defeat guin since this update. If yall aren’t gonna change it back then you at least need to nerf guin. Ursena was the best weapon against guin.

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â– â– â– â–  i just Ascended her 2 hours ago over Kageboradumatomasko.

not sure, if you have both, guin and ursena, if this is a good thing or not…

This is an error!!! You guys fixed the issue with reflecting mana but over corrected. Ursena should prevent an opposing Guin from mana reducing your own team! This lost me a couple attacks in tourney and war. Please fix it Petri, thanks!

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Classic. Nerfing all the useful heroes is the go to approach. Great job, SGG. Why not balance them in the beginning?
Or start nerfing GM who is the most unbalanced overpowered hero in this game? Or are you afraid of the backlash from your spoon fed beta servants?

Ursena does not even do anything against Guin now. Not even block her. Please get it fixed!


Perhaps you should change reflect to block in the posting title. That might help it get addressed.

@Petri. Ursena is not blocking Guin’s special. Can we please get this fixed ASAP.


Would be cool, if Ursl would reflect Guins mana cut, but her card says 115% of holy special damage and status effects will be reflected.

Seems, that it works as intended now, since Guin won’t neither set ailments nor do any damage.

She always did block and reflect it.
Now with their stupid change, she is much less useful.
Might be, that it wasn’t intended to work as she did.
But nerfing ursena now, is a bad and annoying decision of the developers.
Ursena still should at least block the mana reduction.

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