Ursena vs Rare Yellow Griffin Titan

Recently played against a rare Griffin titan (6* titan) with Ursena.
I can’t find the exact details of the titan special but it includes def down to opponents and def up to itself.
My query is, why doesn’t it get the def down? Is this an order of effects from the card thing or is it a bug?
In my head the titan should got through all its effect (dmg dealt, def down, def up) and then any reflects should happen after. Thoughts?

The Rare Titans resist / reflect all effects cast at them from Holy (yellow) origins.

With Ursena’s special, the reflect sends it back at the Titan (as expected) but because the origin of the skill was Holy (i.e. the Rare Titan itself) it resists the ailment returned to itself.

Worth noting that the same thing happens if you use Alfrike on a Rare Holy Titan (Yellow). The Rare Titan “resists” the mindless attack that it does on itself :slight_smile:


Ah that’s really cool and much more thought out than I gave the devs credit for.
Thanks @Guvnor!!

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