Ursena vs Khiona

I finally got my 6th tabard so I can bring one of my two purple heroes to the last level. Which should I go for; Ursena or Khiona for my DEF team? My other heroes in my current DEF team are Justice, Caedmon and Boldtusk with Magni on the bench waiting for a couple of telescopes.

Ursena as your tank flanked by Boldie and Magni.

Caed Boldie Ursl Mag xxx

xxx should be a fast yellow, preferably Joon or Drake.

I fear Ursl tanks, Khio never was threatening to me.


Ursena hasn’t let me down yet. Great on defense and on offense for yellow flanks.

Tough call, they both have great features. But I would go for Khiona

Imaging a def team Caedmon, Khiona, Justice, BT and ???, she would give a nice boost to both Caedmon and Justice attack. And if Justice can survive till her special charges, she would strike a nice blow to the whole opponent’s team.
Khiona is also a rogue, meaning that with emblems she could evade a special… there are very few things more annoying than that

Ursena is quite good, holy reflection is great BUT:

  • she’s more useful at the beginning, when the enemy is at full health, otherwise her special’s damage is reduced.
  • she’s less versatile than Khiona, or at least, I see her mostly as a tank. Khiona is mostly a flank, but with emblems can be a very good tank too (because of her being a Rogue).
  • Justice is also a tank, moving her would make her less efficient. Also, she would benefit more more from Khiona’s presence (because of the bonus attack), rather than Ursena’s.
    As explained, Ursena needs to be a tank to be fully effective

Last note: Magni would be even more devastating with Khiona’s atk boost

In any case, both would be very good choices. But in my opinion, your current team would benefit more of Khiona. Also because her atk buff would sum with BT’s atk buff…

Unfortunately the atk buff from BT and K do not sum up. They one is replaced by the other…

Ursena is great defense hero, keeps me in 2650 rank but I use Black Knight to boost here and Rana. Got Khiona as well still on 3/70 I don’t think she will be soon maxed as I have others first.

My pick would be Ursena if you put it in tank position or Khiona if you are going purple flank and don’t have boosters like BK, Miki or Tarlak in your team.

My Ursena:

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