Ursena vs Akkorog bug

I have tried to catch the bug on video. I know there has been other topics about this. But I can’t see any solution. If it’s not a bug then I have misunderstood Akkorogs special :blush:

Here we go:



Two heroes are counter-attacking and Akkorog gets the sign of “Passive”. This is not his Ranger talent.
He should be taking damage.

Isn’t his passive that he increases the power of the special the first time that he casts it? Sounds normal. As a ranger he can pierce the reflect. Not sure what the issue is.


But he is not bypassing as a Ranger? The hit is reflected and he is passive to that?

On the first picture you can see the Ranger talent in action. Bypass and he pierces.

Re-read his passive:
Ability: Increased Special Skill Damage – The first time this hero casts special skill that does damage, additional 30% is added to its power.

I’m assuming that’s the first time he uses his special, so his passive ability is triggered which increases the damage. That’s it, nothing more.

The first screenshot was him rearranging the heroes and bypassing with the ranger skill with Elizabeth and Gravemaker. The second screenshot was him actually doing the damage, which is where his passive kicks in.

Now that I see the video, I think you misinterpreted what happened and what I think the possible bug is. When doing the damage, he was able to bypass Elizabeth’s reflect, but not Ursena and Rigard. He SHOULD have taken damage and died through the reflect status of Ursena and Rigard. But that has nothing to do with his passive ability.

Does look like a bug, maybe the game registers a bypass, so the reflect damage doesn’t get processed.

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My point exactly :blush: @Petri Is this bug registered?

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Still no confirmation on Akkorog bug? @Staff_SGG

I think this is a visual issue when a S4 hero talent (pierce) triggers simultaneously with their passive (increased damage), only the latter shows up as text.

Noticed the same with Fogg fighter class reviving after hit by a special, only “passive” displays.

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Breakdown of what happens in order in your video:

  • Order of offense heroes, left to right: Elizabeth-BT-Ursena-GM-Rigard; all have Ursena’s reflect holy buff
    → Wording of Ursena’s special: “All allies reflect all status effects and 115% from enemies’ Holy Special Skills back to the attacker for 4 turns.”
  • Tile combo (no purple tiles) causes defense Akkorog to be charged up
  • Akkorog special fires:
    → FIRST he rearranges - BT, Ursena and Rigard are not affected - “RESIST”; Elizabeth and GM are - “BYPASSED”; Akkorog registers the “BYPASS” from his ranger skill
    → THEN he does damage - only to target (Elizabeth) and nearby. Shows 562 damage to Elizabeth and “REFLECT” on Ursena and Rigard.
  • Akkorog took 29 damage.

This is very similar to the long thread about Cobalt (ranger) and Mitsuko (Reflect Ice). In that whole situation it was identified - if I’m reading correctly- that if the Ranger talent triggers the BYPASS, the rest of the special skill will proceed, BYPASSING all buffs.

And now for some interpretation:

Since Elizabeth and GM are bypassed in the rearrange, they will be affected by the damage as well. It doesn’t take two BYPASS events for the different parts of the special skill - if Akkorog BYPASSES, he does so for all aspects of the special skill. The target was Elizabeth, so she takes the damage and the adjacent two (Ursena and Rigard) do not. Reflect does not come into play on Elizabeth since Akkorog has already BYPASSED the reflect on Elizabeth.

Ursena, BT and Rigard were not affected by the rearrange (“RESIST”) and so the special skill stops there. What’s strange is that the initial rearrange shows “RESIST” and not “REFLECT” on Ursena, BT and Rigard. If this is because of Ursena’s special, it should be a REFLECT and presumably move Akkorog around. If the special skill effect on Ursena, BT and Rigard stops after they are not affected by the rearrange, it doesn’t make sense Ursena and Rigard show “REFLECT” when he gets to the damage part of his special. They didn’t REFLECT any damage because they RESISTED the first part of the special. If they did REFLECT the damage, then that did not register and is a bug.

I’m assuming that the 29 damage Akkorog took is due to the Fiend and not any part of the REFLECT.

Akkorog's card, in case anyone needs refresher on the order as I did:


Yay!! Problem solved - Akkorog! Watch out! :grin::firecracker:

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