Ursena, Tank or Flank?

i have her, my def team lacks a good tank and suspicious about whether she can be a good tank or not
Current def team left to right: drake-willy+9-magni+3-anzogh+3-elky+5
Other maxed 5stars obakan, elena
Other maxed 4stars li, wu, sabina+7, melendor, caedmon, gadeirus, boldtusk, kiril, triton+8, grimm+9, captain of diamond+9, wilbur, chao
5stars at 3.70: sartana, ursena, domitia, leonidas, anzogh, margaret, arthur
Waiting list at 1.1 or low levels: kadilen, margaret, thorne, elkanen, ursena
Thanks for the help!

Once she would be at 4.80 she could be a good tank, his flanks should be Anzogh (left) and Drake (right).


Shall i include 2nd purple in def team like sartana on wing? To force yellow use?

You could do that but don’t forget that you would need two leveled purple troops to do that and the purple tank kinda already forces a yellow stack :slight_smile:


Just avoid putting two purples side by side. In this case, I’d recommend Ursena-Drake-Sartana.


I think about magni-anzogh-ursena-drake-sartana, but drake can be a good tank when flanked with urs-sartana im not sure will try after level up :slight_smile:

That’d be my suggestion.


I plan to put her on flank, but don’t have a holy tank right now. At first she will be next to Ares.

I’d bring 3 or 4 yellows against her as tank. But then she has to die before her cast.

She can flank, tank and and be put on wing imo.

At tank position the question is:
Will she cast or won’t she. :thinking:

A tank shouldn’t be an important caster, but a sturdy addon imo.

I agree. That’s why, having Sartana-Guin-Hel, I didn’t try Ursena very hard.

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I agree on that but after enemies health dropped below 50% she is not so tough :slight_smile: so better be a flank or tank. And yes the question is that will she cast or not lol

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Good point.

Center Drake Ursl Joon could be a bank.

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I’ve maxed her finally and put on center 2 days ago. She is at 4.80+3. no one attacked me for almost 24 hrs now :slight_smile: kept the cup at 2525. the first day there were 3 attacks 2 lost 1 win. Either, people are rerolling or sgg doing a favor to me by not showing up my defense team lol. team l to r: magni+4-drake-ursena+3-anzogh+2-elkanen+5


Finally finished leveling Guin. Now I need some advice on the tank or flank question. I’d like to run holy or dark tank then flanks with the opposite.
Darks: Hel+8, Seshat+6, Ursena+5
Holy: Guin+5, Poseidon+6, Joon+6

I’m not sure which is a better tank, but Ursena is a much better flank - Guinevere is really not good at that role. So I’d favor either x, Ursena, Guinevere, Hel, y. Or x, Ursena, Guinevere, y, Seshat. Either way, put Ursena as far left as possible to maximize the chances of her special skill benefiting from the opponent having the most health possible when she fires.