Ursena Talent Path

I don’t have many good options for sorcerer in my lineup. Ursena and Cheshire are my only two fully leveled. I put one emblem on CC just to give him the talent but have been saving emblems to put on Ursena once she was leveled. Now that she is I’m wondering which direction to go with her emblems and is she worth putting a lot of emblems on?

Any thoughts are appreciated.

If you want use her as a tank (where she work really good IMO)
I will go for def>atk>hp

If not swap atk with def.

I have Guin right now and flanking her with Ursena. Trying that combo out. I had Proteus before.

Anyone know if Ursena any good in any other positions on defense besides tank?

She’s good as tank, because she is most likely there to charge and fire early, meaning that enemy heroes will most likely have close to full health still, so they will get hit with her hardest special.

Putting her on other positions, increases likelihood that enemy heroes have become more damaged by the time she lights and fires, resulting in her dealing less damage to them.

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That makes sense… but would she be worth putting in tank over Guinivere?

Test in raids. Which defense loses less cups @2600? Guin, or Ursena? Try each for a night or two and see how they perform. Of course, not a very large sample size, but might give you some indication. And varies depending on how you arrange the other supporting heroes, of course.

Boss wolf apparently best defending tank in game, but not likely because of boss wolf alone, depends who you put around him. Same applies here, IMO.


I think she can be fine at flank. Tank is her ideal. I use her at tank in war and raid defense atm. Though I’m thinking of putting Ariel at tank and Ursena at flank when I get the last scopes I need.

I question the Boss Wolf = Best stat as I don’t think it’s based on a very broad sample size and he tends to be only leveled and used by those who have well developed teams and who know what they’re doing. I’d still rather run Guin or Kunchen

Kunchen is waaaaay easier to kill than Boss Wolf in my personal experience. Of course my yellow stack is quite good with Jackal+19, Joon+7, Viv+2. I don’t reroll many Kunchen tanks anymore. I struggle way more against red tanks and blue tanks because my blues and green stacks are not as good as my yellow.

take an extra yellow and BW won’t be an issue.

I run mono. Bad boards can punish anyone, but very slow heroes give you more time to remake the board.

So far having Ursena in flank with Guin as tank has seemed to help my cups. jumped up into low 2500 last night. it’s fluctuated a bit throughout the day, but seems to be a decent lineup choice.

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