URSENA special skill does not work in event

Ursena have special that reflect all dmg and status effects that came from Holy, it worked perfect for me till new event came up. In The Sand Empire all holy enemies can do status effect and damage my heroes with Ursenas effect up, so that bug is realy gamebreaking for me . Still it happens only in event, not in missions not in raids.

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Ursena only reflects yellow special skill damage, and debuffs, to caster of yellow special skill.

But Sand Empire bosses have self cleanse.

So Arman boss fires special skill, only Arman takes special skill damage, Arman gets sand DOT and anti-heal, Arman self cleanses sand DOT and anti-heal.

Ursena does the same thing for Rana.

yellow mobs are not effected since they do not have special skill attacks.

So Ursena reflect yellow special skill buff is useful as a shield for your team against the two yellow boss’s special skill ( Armen and Rana ) but their self cleanse at the end of their yellow special skill and Ursena’s limit of special skill damage only effecting the caster, means it is not as devastating to the yellow bosses as reflect all damage.


Except sand anti-heal cannot be dispelled.

And the OP claims their heroes still get dmg and status effects when Ursena effect is active.

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If true, that sucks. Hopefully like Hatter, if this is a bug, Devs can fix it for the event.

I recommend posting a screenshot here and sending a screenshot to Customer Service.


As u can see, even monsters totaly ignore Ursenas effect, same is for yellow boss

Please check the post from @Gryphonknight that explains it very clear.

Physical/ slash/ tile damage is not a yellow special skill attack.


Oh ty for clearing this out, i guess i got it wrong :thinking: so even boss simple atack was really hard in this event, so i thought it was special skill. Ill just need help now, should i delete this post or moderator does that?

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You’re fine. I’ll lock the thread for you, since you’re satisfied with the answer.