Ursena reflect on guin is not reflecting mana reduction across enemy

Ursena reflect of status ailments is not reflecting guin mana reduction across enemy

Ursena reflects back to the attacker:

In this case, that would be Guin, who already has no mana from having just fired.

Though Guin’s Special Skill hits all enemies, all of the reflections are back to her as the attacker.


Misunderstood description. I understand through testing how it works now

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What do you mean?

Thats means Ursena Reflect vs Guin is useless… cutting mana to empty mana. :sweat_smile:

Wouldn’t say so. Your team is still protected from Guin’s manacut, so that’s a big help :slight_smile:

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Is the mana cut considered a “status effect”? I thought only status modifications with icons are “status effects” e.g. attack debuff, poison, slower mana generation and so on.
Am I wrong?


Well you right :+1:
20 manacut

You are right… and I don’t know either how that work which special skill is applied to Ursena.

Status Effect:

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Also mitsuko’s reflect cancels hers out or vice versa

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Yep and it works as designed. Wilbur’s defense bonus overwrites Magni’s defense bonus or Vivica’s defense bonus. Kiril’s attack boost overwrites BT’s attack boost. And so on…

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My expectation was that it wouldn’t be, but when I was testing in Beta, all allies showed a RESIST message when Guin fired.


Yes, the mana reduction is not considered a status effect. Rather it is a skill side effect, like draining health from the enemy is (e.g. Leo’s skill).

However, you are right that the blue and yellow reflect skills from Mitsuko and Ursena will still reflect them.

And it gets even more confusing!

The dispel – for e.g. Sonya’s skill – is not reflected when she hits Mitsuko with her buff active; Sonya hitting Mitsuko will get her damage reflected back at her, but she dispels the blue reflect status after.

So idk… maybe it was too run-of-the-mouth to say “status effects, special skill effects and blah blah blah…” ¯\_ (ツ) _/¯


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