Ursena or Zulag as tank

We are switching to purple tanks. I have ursena currently at 19 emblems but shes all attack. When I move her to tank should I switch her to def/health?

Also I did pull zulag. Does anyone here think she’s a better option than ursena?

Ursena all the way.
Zulag is weaker than Ares, and Malosi or even Mist neutralize her.


Just go balanced version with ursena in my opinion… Her biggest role is still dmg, and she will never be real tank, unless you have complete atlantis team

Even with an all-attack path Ursena is one of the best tank at the moment.

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Zulag = :face_vomiting:
Ursena = :grin:

And take it from someone who emblemed Ursena to +18 and then reset her: she does not have tanky stats, and going the full def/HP vs full atk route made little difference to my war performance. So if I were you, I’d try to pick up every attack node available especially if you use her on offense as well. I may just have to reset her a second time at some point because I tried to make her tanky and it’s making her less effective on offense blargh.


I choose 1st attack,… and then because of she is my current tank, and also I noticed that I use Ursena my priority is cast before die, so that yellow damage dealer can suicide with reflect, so I choose my last node (19) defense, so at least I think balanced.


I use Ursena as my tank and she does fairly well to keep me in Diamond and in wars. I cant see myself switching Ursena for a passive tank like Zulag


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