Ursena or wait for Kage?

Yup… got Ursena, is she worth maxing before Kage?

Got Guin as Maintank already, I know Ursena is more AOE and Kage is a nice Sniper… just wondering what is better to ascend first! :slight_smile:

Thanks for any suggestion!

Why do you look at your def to prio your maxing ?

Do you have dispell in you purple roster already ?
Do you have a maxed mana troop or at lvl 11 ?
In which team do you plan to use Kage or Ursena?

According to the answers you might want to ascend one or the other.

-Becasue my Def is full of Def. (but it’s not my prio, just the fact that i have Guin already as Maintank)
-Yes got that troop at 11
-Kage most likely as Off. and Ursena for both, Def and Off.

Seems to be Ursena first? :smiley:
But it’s not really about “what i need and how i need it”, It’s more about “what would be the better Hero for overall use”. Just wondering…

They both are amazing… The question is about what you need.

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Both are great, and both are great at different things, but Ursena is not just some tank who can’t do anything else. I think she is far too strong to sit on waiting on a hero you might not pull for months.


If I had them I would definitely go with Ursena first but that’s because she pretty melts my teams anytime I try to face her lol

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Both heroes are solid choices. Just pick the one you fancy more imo.

Kage is the only other v. fast hero that has an offensive skill. Dispelling before hitting is pretty useful, he shrugs off counter-attack and defense buffs like they’re nothing. That alone is useful even if his target is below 50% HP.

Ursena excels as a defensive tank, destroys yellow titans and bosses in campaign/quest levels, and is pretty much a straight upgrade to Quintus.

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Thank you very much for the suggestions.

My choice goes to Ursena. I really think I will have more fun with her in the next time and she looks pretty strong in my def team next to Guin and Aegir.

I use Ursena as a flank on Guin. She sucks for offense but is good for everything else.

Kage is good at everything but not great for Titans.

Ursena doesn’t sucks in offense… Good stacking in a 3 purple and totally wreck drake.

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well, that’s weird… used her already at 3/70 for wars and raids and dang… she is good… especially with lvl 11 mana troop.

Works well against holy flanks and/or wings. You just dont need her against a holy tank, which probably dies before she fires.

Especially against tanking Guins useless or if there are only passive yellows. If there are no more holy punch enemies, she’ll become an average Quintus.

Uh, that has no effect on her. Your mana troops would have to be lvl23.

Kage will pick up the extra half tile with lvl11 mana troops.