Ursena or Kunchen - very hard decision

Hi all. I have a very hard choice to make.
I have ascention materials for only one 5* purple hero. And I completely don’t knows go to choose to both defense team and future attacks…

Help me to choose! Argument your opiniom.

There is my planned defense teamin two versions - with Ursena and Kunchen:

Do you have any 5* healers? If not, you should go for Kunchen as having a 5* healer is crucial.

By the way, Miki is fantastic for titans but not very good on defence.

As above, and do you have anything to replace Kasshrek with? Having him next to Kunchen gives your opponent a safe place to dump tiles… the mystic vagabond needs nasty flanks.

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Overall, Kunch is far more useful.

Kunchen is only 5* healer I have.
I can replace Kashhrek with only Boldtusk…

It really does depend on your roster. But in my honest opinion if you dont have any other 5* healer then it has to be Kunchen - 100%

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No hard hitters around? Even a 4* like Colen would make a difference next to Kunchen, as he takes advantage of the def-

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