Ursena or Jabberwock

Hi all
Need some advice:
Got my 6th tabard and was thinking to ascend Jabber, but recently pulled Ursena.
Which one is better to max.
Dark team now is Kage 4/80 +9, Clarissa 4/80, Rigard-c and Proteus maxed and Jabber 3/70.
The goal is improve offence (raid/war) and replace Kage in defence (want give emblema to GM).
As tank I have Telluria.
Have emblems in both classes.
My yellow heroes for reference are Vivica-C 4/80+12, Neith 4/80+11 and Joon-C 4/80

Welcome to the forum i’d say jabberwok being you got tell as tank If you emblem him better, think you will use more in raid events etc as he a fast sniper does great damage.

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In a vacuum this one is pretty simple - Jabberwock. He is the best purple hero for defence for Telluria setups. He slightly edges Killhare in the right wing spot. The only caveat here (and a major one) is that your best yellow hero for defense is costume Joon which is also monk.
Ursena is also very powerful but she is a bit of an odd one out in the current metagame. Most people run Vela and Gravemaker on their Telluria defences. That means if you want to run Ursena on defense (and she is best on left flank i.e. position 2) you will need to sacrifice vela or gravemaker to the wing. Alternatively, some people run Ursena at wing which decreases her effectiveness since she is a damage based hero.
So, more information is required to decide which hero would make your defense.

On offense, they are both good, but Ursena often requires a specific setup to maximise her potential e.g. c.Rigard, Ursena, Killhare or c.Rigard, Panther, Ursena. Jabby is a bit more straightfoward to use on offense since you can use him together with Kage you already have.

So overall, Jabberwock is my pick.
Sorry about the long explanation.


Ursena could be also deadly on the left flank in defense and is more usable on offense…up to you…would ascend Jabber when you try to upgrade your def and when you need more help on offense the choice is Ursena


Tnx for answer.
Yes, monk emblems are the big problem here :slight_smile:
I dont have Vela (my blue are Arthur, Magni, Misandra, Fenrir; also think whom of last three put in Def and give emblems from Kingston)
So I suppose it like choose

  • put ursena on flank and Joon-c on wing (most costly on resources)
  • put neith on flank and Jabber on wing (neith with troop 17 already fast)

I think Ursena edges it for you in such a case and I would run a defense of Fenrir/ Ursena/ Tell/ Gravemaker/ c.Joon with no class clashes. The rationale here is that you will end up with 2 excellent heroes on offence (Joon and Ursena) vs. one good and one average (Jabber & Neith). Once you have you have your defence set it stone you can then focus on levelling your troops to at least 23.

P/s very jealous of your Jabber - he is one of the heroes I am missing.


I am also very jealous. I don’t have either one. Great heroes, great problem to have. My knee-jerk thought was Jabberwock, but in examining your situation a little more, I actually think it’s Ursena. Let us know what you decide.

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