Ursena or Dark Lord? Who to ascend?


I’m having a hard time deciding who to ascend from my purple roster.

My current war defence is:

Franice - Neith - Kunchen - Elizabeth - Uraeus

and it works perfectly fine

But having in mind stackability of Eli’s and Lord’s mana debuff I’m wondering if this wouldn’t be a deadly combo in war defence

If not I have Ursena and Freya at 3/70 and their ascention propably would make me change war defence.
I’d prefer to max ursena for her yellow reflect, I would make good use of it in attacks

Ursena hands-down for me. A joy to face yellow enemies and titans with her

I would move Elizabeth to the tank position and Dark Lord to flank.

Your lineup would look something like this :

Francine - Neith - Elizabeth - Dark Lord - Blue sniper (Magni if you dont have anything else)


  1. Your center 3 piece all debuff or cut mana
  2. Francine dmg vs blue is great if your tank is red , so enemy usually brings blue
    3 I speed up your lineup… since you focus on mana debuffing enemy, healing is that important, since only tile dmg remain to enemy. You could go with frosth as left or right flank for pseudo heal and dmg if you got him this month :wink:

Again, this is, if you are considering defense. For titans, Ursena brings more

Ursena, she’s great for titan too because of reflect. She has saved lot of points

The thing is, my alliance runs purple tanks

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