Ursena Onatel.... Who tank who flank?

Considering my defense who should i put on tank and who on flank? Ursena or onatel?
What about the others? Are they placed correctly? Would you change something now or in the future?

I would try to work on doing away with double green

I would tank ursena unless your alliance uses yellow tanks in war

Outside of that it looks fine

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My suggestion for raindbow defense is: Kingston - Onatel - Ursena - Richard - Marjana :slight_smile:


Thought about leanin that way, i just couldn’t bring myself to suggest such a forgiving front 3

All 3 would be devastating if they go off

It’s just not highly likely they’re all still standing after opponent’s first charge of 5

Idk. Overthinkin it

@AnRui keep it simple and roll with aqua’s suggestion

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Isn’t alby and kingston a good couple of wings?
Man, if i had a better blue hero i would have no doubts whatsoever.
Thanks for the feedback

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If you put Richy on tank next to fast red flanks - yes.


In my honest opinion, I would put Ursena as Tank and Onatel as flank.
And I really would work towards a rainbow defence team. Your only option now is Richard.
And I assume you are going to be focussing on Telluria to get her into a Tank role which means you really are going to have to plan some changes.
Good luck

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If telluria tanks what does ursena do?

In my honest opinion, Telluria would tank with both Onatel and Ursena in flank position. At that point you then have to decided which Fire and which Ice hero you put in the wings if you are going with a rainbow defence team


I was thinking about that but dropping kingston from my defense team feels depressing

I am looking at this as if I was attacking this team and for me Alberich would go down first so he can’t revive heroes and he isn’t that hard to take down.

I would replace him with Richard to make up your rainbow team. Kingston is awesome and takes more hits.

As for tank Ursena is a good choice but I would swap Marjarna with Kingston as he decreases the enemies attack.

Nice heroes there though.


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