Ursena not reflecting holy titan damage

After I fire Ursena’s special, and match tiles causing the holy typhoon dragon to fire, my heroes health is reduced and the titan’s is not. This happened in every attack.

Two things:

  1. Do you have a screenshot or video of it?
  2. Are you sure it was the dragons special attack? Slash attacks (regular attacks) aren’t blocked or reflected by Ursena special… Just special skills.

You’re right. Wondering why slash attacks from the titan are designed not reflect, they reflect from heroes.

They don’t. Special attacks are reflected, slash attacks (or their equivalent - tile damage) are not.

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Actually unless we are playing different games

I have found that in some cases the reflect does bounce back when opponents are firing tiles but not from all heroes and not all the time, usually I know when it happens I’m going to win that raid but when it doesn’t I usually lose that raid.

I have often wanted to come here and question it but there are so many questionable things that happen during battles that don’t make any since that I don’t have a 24/7 week day to mention them all so now I just play fun the fun of it without caring whether I win or lose and just totally stopped spending money on the game all together right down to the point where I am not even worried about completing these Christmas events or doing summons.

There is drastically something wrong with the game when a unmaxed 3 or 4 star can single shot a maxed 5* hero in raids and when Mono team tiles shoots 5 tiles and can’t wipe a 4 star out in strong colour. Basically it’s the system that decides whether you win or lose not your team or skill. There is no skill in not getting the tiles to build mana up to defend yourself in a game as it’s really the tiles that determine how the match is played not your team or you.

This game has become more a pass time game thing now to me than a challenge when I did care and tried to set goals.

Never happened to me. Not that i know of. I run 4-1 mother north all the time with 4 5* purples everytime I see a delicious Guinevere tank.

Well, the game does not decide if you will win or lose, most of the time it’s your decisions.

When something like you’re describing happens, don’t you analyze the situation to see what went wrong? It’s almost 100% of the time something you overlooked such as Caedmon, Sonya, Melendor, Evelyn, etc dispelling the reflect on 2 or 3 heroes. Or overwriting Ursena’s reflect with a different reflect. Or whatever. And when I use Wukong against a holy reflect, I’m pretty darn sure the tiles are not reflected, only specials. Now a riposte, that’s different.

I’ve found this game rewards actual puzzle play-- bad boards and all. Fighting up seems to give you better boards, easier puzzles. Fighting equal or especially down-- harder puzzles. And one wrong move can spell defeat.

And the reflect does not include slash attacks, only specials.

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Yes you keep on believing that if it makes you feel better.

Well every time or at least when I am bothered to check it works both ways where yes there are times when there is a special at play but it also happens when there isn’t and these are the times I am questioning.

I think after 2 years of play I have a pretty good idea I what heroes can and can’t do against who being one of the biggest hitters if not at times the biggest in my alliance in wars.

The elemental reflect like Ursena did and will never reflect slash or tile damage. It‘s even written in the description bright and clear. For rare titans the reflect works for all damage which is written bright and clear.
Nothing wrong with the game and as madballs said it is 99% human error… to prove elsewise a video is always appreciated

Add: There is no 3 or 4* in the game that can oneshot a maxed 5*. There is not even a 3 or 4* in the game that can oneshot a 4* :joy::joy:

And I am pretty darn sure I’ve had tiles reflect at times also as I am always puzzled as to why it happen when they do.

Yes that exactly right but yet it does happen, just like there is no tile shot strong enough to 1 shot a maxed 5* right at the start of the game but yet at Times it does happen.

You can throw all the smiles icons in there you want it won’t change the fact it does happen.

Now it might be a bug, an oversight by the devs or something like that, that’s quite possible, who knows as there is so much going on in a game that it’s easy to do, I’m not upset or complaining but just stating a fact of what I have noticed in support of the OP.

To here and say it’s all use who don’t understand the game and make out the game is in perfect performance to undermine the possibilities of such occurrences being possible is just plain foolish.

I would suggest to prove a single thing you‘re throwing out there. To me it‘s pure trolling to clam „this and that“ just to get some attention…

Ok there seems to be some confusion and misinformation in this thread. There are three types of reflect status effects:

Normal Riposte

This reflects a certain percentage of any damage absorbed back to the attacker including direct damage from special skills, slash attacks and tile damage. But this type of riposte cannot reflect status ailments like poison, blind, burn etc.

Elemental Riposte (Mitsuko & Ursena)

This kind of riposte reflects any special skills from said element heroes (ice and holy), which includes direct damage and other negative status effects. But tile damage and slash attacks from said element hero or monster don’t get reflected, they work as normal and can inflict damage on Mitsuko and Ursena.

Elemental barrier

For example, the ones you have for rare titans and challenge events. It reflects any kind of special skill (including status ailments) and tile damage back to your heroes of that specific element. Therefore monsters or bosses with a particular elemental barrier will never take damage from those elements.

Now, a ranger hero can pierce these status barriers on certain occasions. Hope this helps.


I guess you don’t know me to well then do you, :crazy_face:

Since rare titans were mentioned, it’s probably worth differentiating between elemental barriers and elemental reflects. Rare titans/challenge events are the former, which include reflecting tile damage, while the latter describes Mitsuko and Ursena, which does not.

Also, riposte doesn’t reflect damage so much as it absorbs it and then returns it (with added vengeance). I know you know, but just to keep things clear.


Thanks, I have edited my post to reflect that. :slight_smile:

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