Ursena new hero or new Dark lord?- 49200 HP?!

What do you guys think? Will she be a new hero or would she only be the final boss of atlantis?


O.O the HP is massive
Gonna get there soon currently on level 5 province 27

Does someone knows the rewards for finishing on hard mode.

You can check this Topic i have posted screenshots for the final boss fight and the reward for the regular mission, i have won the final boss on hard but the rewards are regular stage completion you need to finish all hard levels to get the full reward


The octoqueen will probably be upgraded and become a titan queen…lol.
Btw, thanks for the post. I am 2 stage away from facing her. Knowing her specials I will only stack 2 - 3 holy heroes against her.

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:rofl:Gonna be a hero…I just know it

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The vFast Guin-Slayer.

also: resurrects all heroes and makes them invulnerable for 3 turns.

every time she gets hit, she poops out atlantis tokens.

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wow, they didn’t make it easy…

Timestops look good to bring. I think Wu Kong is mandatory if you don’t have Tarlak, I don’t see myself beating this boss without Wu even if his element is weak to the special.

Gretel | Melendor | Hu Tao | Red Hood | Wu Kong

Fingers crossed… that’s the best I got lol.

no prob without wu or tarlak on normal

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Dark Lord die.

Ursena escape.


Just completed it at both easy and hard.
Managed to complete the hard level without losing single hero and with a lot of my battle items still available
I think the key is going in the battle with the right heroes
For the second part which is like battleing a titan but without the need to rush I woulr suggest taking your time, study the board before you make a move and try to ensure that you hit the weak spot
I have images that I took at the start and end of the final stage if anyone wants me to post them
EDITED: Team was Mother North - Wilbur +9, Queen of Hearts +4, Joon, Vivica
took - Antidotes - Mane potions - Potent Healing Potions - Dragon Attack

Finished both mode with: Kunchen, Thorne, Khiona, Horghall and Wilbur. All maxed and with some talents. No item used.

P.S. HP are 65.000 in Hard Mode.

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Rumors say she will become a summonable Atlantis hero.
Rumors also say that her HP as hero might be slightly lower than her boss/titan version :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, btw. even Hard Mode with 65.040 HP is doable with a 4* only team. Proteus, Chao, Boldtusk, Wilbur, Scarlett and quite a lot battle items were enough (though, some of the heroes had up to +11 talents). Hänsel/Gretel would have been better than Proteus, but I don’t have them.