Ursena is OP (IMO)

I have fought Ursena on a few occasions and I have to say I think she is a little OP. I can handle Guin or GM, Aegir, etc. Ursena goes off and takes half the heroes HP. Paired with other strong heroes they fire a slash attack and the game is over. I am sure there are probably people who will laugh at this but this is the first hero that I think really is OP. Usually I am in favor of buffs and hate nerfs especially if I have the hero but in this case I think it deserves a look.

With emblems and a decent troop she has over 1000 attack. There are other heroes that have that attack stat but I can’t think of any that hit all with the power she does and she blocks yellow. I like a challenge but it is at the point where I avoid her in raids. I will fight Guin, Aegir, GM and even took down Russomates this morning and that lineup had BK, Master Lepus, Drake, Kingston all with emblems. Beat on the first try.

I wonder how Neith stacks up to Ursena. Most of the heroes that hit all are either slow and hit very hard like Azlar and Isarnia or they are fast but hit for less damage like Zeline and Zim(and Kadilen to a much lesser extent). basically they are balanced so that if they are fast they don’t destroy you on one hit and let the other’s slash take you out or they are slow so if they go off it is very bad but you can fight them by taking them out first.

I am well aware of the power creep but Ursena seems like she is the quantum leap in that march to higher power heroes. Others were sliding up slowly and continuously for the most part and then she came and leaped up to another level. I don’t have the greatest roster and don’t expect to win every match but I really think she is too strong.

I am looking into Neith with interest as I want to see if she is more balanced which it looks like they are moving to right now but we won’t know until release.

Of course if I get Ursena from Atlantis please feel free to ignore all of this…LOL. Does anyone agree that she is too strong or is there a hero(s) that might increase chances of beating her. usually she is paired with Alby, GM, Poseidon, Misandra/Alasie when I see her. Of course they differ but in general they have high power heroes flanking her and Alby is usually in the corner. Thanks…


You might find someone that agrees, but I do not. Heck, I even disregard my own advice and stack holy against her because the tiles still hurt :slight_smile:
Most of the time, however, I turn her into the wimpy lady Quintus by completely ignoring her and stacking for her flank (or tank) instead.
Just don’t bring in yellow. Like Quintus, she only hurts if you let her cast with yellows and you’re down a healer.


I don’t discredit your perspective, I simply don’t think she’s overpowered from my view. She’s tough, no doubt. But a reasonable board that is actually a puzzle that can be solved, cuts her to size. However, a board that lacks a solution punishes hard, which can be said of any hero in the tanks position, really.


I have fought her with yellow stacks and with off color. With the yellow stack you have to get the board to beat her or she will fire and its over. Off color makes it hard since you again need a good board or she fires and since you are off color the damage is less. This makes it more likely that she fires once, and if it happens 2x it is over. I can beat Guin firing once and even 2x and the same goes for other tanks like GM, Kunchen, Aegir, Delilah firing more than once.

Maybe I have just had horrible luck and I know my sample size is small. I also like a challenge and it feels better to beat something if it is harder but in her case it seems impossible. But that’s what the forum is for I guess to see how others feel…


Yeah Neith is coming out balanced, but strong, since her OP release form. Ursena I bring higher defense and health heroes and never yellow. I expect her to go off one time, and plan for it.

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i think she is one of the better tanks in the game but far from unsolvable. she simply punishes bad boards very hard.

on the other hand i find her quite meh on offense. with heroes above 50% i find her quite mediocre and if they are below 50% she usually fails to kill even heroes that are at the death’s door. the only time i find her nice is on 6th war attack where i have a mixed color team and i can hopefully manipulate her to reflect damage from yellow attackers.

She is a hard hitting hero as a defender, especially if bringing 4 stars into the battle, but she isn’t OP and she’s honestly not even that great on offense, she’s servicable there but also a bit wonky in a lot of cases … she’s excellent vs titans though and I feel that gives her a nice overall balance… do I like battling her? Not all the time, no, but I don’t think she’s anymore of a threat then say, GM.


Tanks that make me re-roll when I’m dogging cups:

  1. Guin - by far the most annoying. Mana-down kills me. If she fires once, I am likely to lose. If she fires twice, I’m sure to lose.
  2. Aegir - also annoying. But I’ve finally figured him out, to a degree, I can bring fast action snipers and take him down.
  3. Kunchen - I’ve finally figured him out. Just bring Guardian Jackall. 6 yellow tiles and a jackall beam = one dead Kunchen.
  4. Ursena- It’s true she’s hard. But not OP. She’s similar to Yunan, Azlar, Boss Wolf, Elena. I’ll be taking damage if she fires, so I must bring a healer or two to counter it. Not only that, she reflects yellow specials, so it’s necessary to bring damage of another color. Gravemaker is a good bet. Magni + Ariel often does the trick.

I guess it all just depends on your roster, but I find her manageable.


It’s true that she’s a hard tank to take out because she’s very devastating when she fires.

I don’t bring yellow (or try not to) when I fight against her because of her greater damage though, instead I stack another color; either red, blue or green against her (depending on her flanks or wings).


I don’t mind her at Tank.

However, at Flank with a powerful tank combo I hate facing her. I came across a Alby, BK, Guin, Ursena, Alassie team yesterday that was nearly unbeatable with my current set up.


I can 9/10 beat her because I am usually packing 2 holy heroes is I see her in a defense team line up. I haven’t faced a tanky Ursena but she doesn’t really get her special off all that often if at all because she is usually either mana blocked with Proteus or I am keeping her special in check with Chao and Li Xiu.

I can understand the frustration if you have a bad board or do not have the appropriate heroes to deal with her.

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There are no OP slow heros. Gotta get her before she gets you. Stack your fast purple and find those tiles. You actually have more moves than most people think.

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Was able to take down Alex Forquet a few minutes ago with Zim, Grazul, GM, Musashi and Drake.


To be fair, she isn’t slow.


You know what, you’re right. All this time I figured she was slow because of her AoE hit. Dang man, now you’re going let her get into my head…


Agreed. Definitely one of the most OP heroes lately. For the sheer amount of damage that she deals to all, she should be at least slow. But she’s average. Basically, where I did not have a very good board at the start, I lost the raid when she fired. Especially when she was in the tank position as it doesn’t take that long for her to go off, and it happens while basically all your heroes still have a decent amount of health, so she deals ridiculous amounts of damage. And unless you already have your healer nice and ready, that’s basically it bc after that it doesn’t take a lot for other enemy heroes to finish yours. The holy reflect is the icing on the cake, preventing any meaningful retaliation if you can’t dispel ASAP.


So much damage at average speed. Yes, I think she’s OP. A fast counter attack hero would be fun against her. :grin: Maybe we will meet a counter for her at some time. Because for Guin they created Seshat.

The Guin tank with LotL flank is OP. At least for my team, I just died miserably

Edit: I just noticed that Obakan exists. But maybe we can have something better in the future


Quite amusing but most of the time, stacking a +18 Kiril, Richard and Magni with Kunchen and Lianna works just fine against an Ursena tank.
Richard’s special keep her damages in check. By the first round of Ursena’s attack, Kiril is ready to heal. Just counter attack her with blue tiles and snipers. Currently working up Boril for the task too.
Kunchen with his defence down resistance is more annoying.

Bring 2 passive holy heroes (heal/dodge), a holy sniper (Joon/Posey), Boril and a dispeller (Sonya for 3-2) against her.

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This is the main scenario I was talking about. I don’t take the same heroes but what’s described is what I meant. Just to point out I also created the thread and added IMO In my opinion. Wouldn’t have generated discussion if I wrote ursena is kinda tough…lol.
I think this game is perspective since we all don’t play the same way, same heroes etc. If you have tons of s2,event, hotm you can counter any enemy. With s1 and limited others the things change. End of day that board is really the key. But I did see some things to try and maybe I will create a topic later called ursena needs a buff…lol. Of course that is after I can beat her easily and hopefully when I have 2 of her…SURE.

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