Ursena holy protection does not reflect Gullibursti special attack


Today in war I (Kytiara vs Tom La Cusco, 8:40 pm, EDT, 9/8) realized that Ursena reflection does not work against Gullibursti special attack. Could you please clarify this is intentional or not? I know Gullibursti makes a buff which results in the attack, but inherited from a special skill.


Status not special

Somewhat unrelated, but does Elradir reflect Gullinbursti’s status effect dmg? Or no b/c its a buff for Gullin’s team and not a status ailment on Elradir?

For what I know he doesn’t. Because for that Elradir needs to have the effect on him, not just the damage. But not 100% sure.

What I know for sure is Reuben puts gullis damage in half.

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