Ursena bug

Usena was active when enemy hu tao fired special. He died from the damage but both remaining teammates were blinded. I.e her reflect didn’t reflect his blind.

We really need screenshots or video to be able to comment. Any chance you were recording?


He was right side flank… fired special and killed himself, but I was still blinded… which is why I took this screenshot.

Frida fired before Hu and removed reflection from Ursl and Boldie. Hu died on remaining reflection and the others got blinded.


I think @Olmor has the solution. Part of Frida’s special is to dispel buffs.

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Yep. However, if you look again at the screenshot, it doesn’t appear that Frida has just fired her special since there is a significant amount of mana in her. And should Frida succesfully dispelled Ursena and her gang’s buffs, the attack up icon should have been removed, unless it was caused by Boldtusk himself, seeing that he has no mana at all.

But what if the order is:

Ursena fire
Frida fire
Boldtusk fire
Hu Tao fire

It will be just like the picture, no bug. As there are one or more turns between Frida and Hu Tao, Frida would have collected some mana. As Boldtusk fire after Frida, the attack up still exist.

Who kill Justice, Hel, and Lianna?

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Fair point.

Ursena is a bug. Bug is Ursena. Characters.

That’s why I took the screenshot right after, as hu Tao killed himself due to reflect, but the blind didn’t get reflected as you can see on Ursena and BT… if it were dispelled then he’d still be alive due to no reflected damage. It was also the last turn of reflect, as you can not see her buff symbol after he fired.

Ursena has a fair amount of mana at this point also

So your other three heroes already dead before Hu Tao fire?

What is the other hero on the side of Hu Tao?

Frida dispelled the reflect before hu Tao fired.

Not a bug

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No, some kind of octopus. :wink:


If Frida dispelled the buff, why did hu Tao die from firing his special?

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Frida only targets at most 3 heroes.

I’d guess that she targetted boldie so only affected BT and Ursena…


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