Urgently need help my

urgently need help my alliance got the first time a rare titanium tell me how best to expose the fighters and what colors. Please, we have only 19 hours before the end how to put the defense?

HI Olgavit,

First, don’t use any blue. Wu Kong may help and use as much green as possible, a debuffer if you have any.

Use Green banners, arrows, antidotes and healing potions

When the titan strikes, use the antidotes and a debuffer as soon as possible.

Good luck

What is the unicorn’s special again? It’ll show you if you tap the question mark near the right top.

In general:

  • Always Wu Kong, or now Tarlak I think, if you have them.
  • A defense debuffer, like one of the ramming pulverizers (Tiburtus/Gormek/Grimm) or Isarnia for example - but in this case Grimm or Isarnia would be affected by the blue reflect, I would avoid blue for this one if possible.
  • An attack buffer, like Brienne or Kiril or Boldtusk (again not so much Kiril in this case because of the blue reflect, and also Boldtusk isn’t ideal because red is weak against blue, but I would go with him if there isn’t a good alternative)
  • Two or more of the color strong against the Titan’s, which would be green in this case… favor high attack points but consider the special also (fast single strikers are good, but also mana control like Little John or defense like Kadilen)

Most of these things would apply to Titans in general, but the reflect considerations are specific to rare Titans of course.

Also more specifically for rare Titans, what I tend to do is use more potions than normal - particularly, charge specials right up front with super mana potions, especially the Wu/defense defuff/attack buff ones. Time stops are good, or else probably antidotes or banners - cure your heroes as soon as they get a negative status from the Titan’s special attack. Most of these things are a bit on the expensive side of course as far as food/iron/materials, but worth it for a rare Titan in my opinion.