Urgent needed changes for long time players!

The biggest problem for all the players is:
After playing 1 year or more there is not enough to do in the game any more. And Season 2 will not help long for that. We need more to do, then we don’t have the time to cry all the time!

  1. Make more Quests. Different difficulties --> Hard quests for mature players (One serious quest in a month is not enough)

  2. Make Mini Titan Quests --> fight a mini Titan on “Quests” map. Adjusted to Players teampower. Lot of health, long fight, but not these deadly strikes. Can take 20-30 minutes to defeat. With serious rewards.

  3. Make Mirrorfights --> use the search for statement

  4. Do some Alch-Lab for mixing materials --> we have thousands and more thousands - what to do with 5000 wooden shields?)

  5. Last but not least —> More availaible standard heroes for better game balance


Survival mode will be good

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Good ideas man, hope devs team read this.