Urgent Message/ question for small Giant

Don’t feel like you missed out. It wouldn’t have made any sense with world-class punctuation.


I’m a semi-professional complainer / game critic myself, and I have to say, this one just missed all the marks of a quality complaint. Low effort, poorly explained, self contradictory, false premises, blatantly inaccurate statements, totally invalid argument.


You should have been an academic! :slightly_smiling_face:

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This was the one that got to me the most. Complaining that some people should now spend money and make him obsolete in the game, which he got to by spending money to overtake others, and that he should be rewarded for the behaviour he has exhibited which he wants to prevent in others now…



Original thread lost validity after mentioning that people in his alliance had been playing for 6 years.

I can still work with an invalid premise as long as the poster’s heart is in the right place.

But saying “I spent a bunch of money and now other people are spending money and catching up to me”…

Totally lost my sympathy vote there.


But I know people who have played this long… :rofl:

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Wow you sound like my wife. Sry i guess Safe answer? Lol

First of the game is not yet 4 years old, second why? Wanting something for nothing, for those that have sunk $1000s into the game they ain’t really gonna have much of an issue and third there is a prize for us veterans, I don’t know any noob pulling emblems every week for mere cheap in game currency, and finally why do you wanna make the game boring? If everyone had 1 ninja everyone would max that hero out and that’s all you would see in players defence teams. those of us that have been playing since day 1 already have massive hero decks. P.S if you want a response from SG your likely better off contacting them directly

Yep i got it. I was blindsided by the ninja towers. Had i been up to date withe the calendors and signed on here more often i wouldnt have lost my kool. My apologies to eveveryone!


Hey trixter can u update ur ninja heroes collection? Did u get some from summon?

Hold a seance? Ouija boards, idk?

Do b you know how to request a support ticket?

Hi @TrIxTeR

In the future, if you wish to contact SG, here are the instructions:

How to Contact Support (Version 31 Onwards)

I wish you all the best. I too am chasing ninjas. May you get yours first. :wink::+1:

If this thread is complete, just let me know and I will close it.


Really you couldn’t have done this

He’s right! I also feel like SG should give me at least 3 x 5* ninjas and 4* ninja rainbow troops for free and asap! GOD! How did I miss this so far?! This must be the most ridiculous thread on this forum… we should vote…

Is this the most ridiculous thread you ever read on the E&P official forum?
  • Yes, this is the most ridiculous thread
  • No, I’ve seen worst

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If anyone votes “No, I’ve seen worst” please share the link…

Rebalancing Telluria and Vela
20 x rebalancing

I’ll grant you it was possibly most “annoying” but certainly not “most ridiculous”!

Yes annoying
Buy yes also lots and lots of ridiculous posts

Due to compulsive/obsessive merging and thread renaming, I can’t find my favourite.

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