!URGENT! huge lawsuit against E&P

Hi all

recent news have shaken the internet, as rumor of a huge lawsuit against E&P and its content creators has been gaining strength in forums.

Pressure for the lawsuit seems to have started after confirmation of beta content including brand new buildings and further updates to the stronghold.
The prosecution argues that such content creation is a clear break of contract between stronghold owners and builder, who were promised full retirement after finishing upgrades up to live content’s limits.

Many builders who have finished building strongholds to level 20 and all neighboring constructions to their max level are rising up in discontent after the announcement that they will be forced out of retirement to work on new constructions and further stronghold updates.

The builder’s union has already sought legal representation in the matter, but have been advised that chances of a fair trial within the game are close to null. Legal advisers claim: “in this game, Justice is not blind, but instead blinds EVERYONE ELSE”.

The legal representation of the builder’s union shall remain unnamed for her personal safety, but rumor has it that she was hired due to her innate ability to not be affected by Justice’s blinding.


Is this in appropriate place? @zephyr1, kindly check. I suppose ridiculous complaint right?.

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I moved it to #community-content, although it probably would have had more visibility if it had been posted in the RCT.


20 what the hell

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Call a Mt. Umbulance immediately. They may bring you to an eUrgency room now to make sure, that your stronghold hasn’t become a softhold.

Tell Tom to stop trying to sound fancy. Just because him and Dick are hungover from their dang Retirement party.

I retired months ago, but notice who still gets calls for “converting” “Barracks”. I wish Mary would just decide where she wants the dang sofa bed and leave it there.



Got 2 retired workers for 3 month. Now they are concerned in going back to work. They are old and tired. We need to contract another guy

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All building sites used. Possibly a bad order situation. SG probably will bring back an economic recovery this year. When your builders become hungry, send them to a farm. They are qualified for sozial welfare and may redeem some food vouchers there.

This is good. We need more stuff like this. Thank you :slight_smile:


Blind Justice?! We’ll all find out Joon enough!


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