Urgent help needed to find missing tiles!

Has anyone seen the green tiles? Ever since the blue titan arrived they have gone missing… i am fearing kidnapping but there has been no ransom demand or anything…
Prepared to offer a reward for any assistance in returning the green tiles to my boards.
Thx in advance.

I’ve got them.

These are two examples. :smiling_imp:


My Red titan is only hitted by them :rofl:

Meet you in the backstreet of your stronghold for a secret exchange. :wink:

I got loads of blues 4 u. Schweet… can do a swop thx

There must be aliens involved! Little green men that need green tiles to survive. The truth is out there :alien:

It seem like they kinda join in at the end of the party, you got green diamonds all over the place but they only appear after you fully charge the titan in the last 4 seconds and during his long animation u smash the display of your expensive device to make them explode but the half of an hour animation of the titan attack says no…


This is perfect for the ridiculous complaint thread!

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