Urban legend or reality

Is it correct that from training camp 20 there is the slightest possibility that a hero of the current event can also come out?
or it’s just an urban legend?

Never heard of it but there’s no way that is true.

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TC 20 only gives chance at regular season 1 heroes.

You may be thinking of Hero Academy level 10. You do have a 5% chance there of retraining a 5* into an old HOTM, S2, or older event hero.

See here:

And a screen shot of the list:


ecause if in theory if training camp 20 is the copy of the classic portal, the heroes of this event should also be included.

No. Not in any way. Tc20 isn’t copy of any portal. Tc20 is the tc20 and only that. It will drop Richard, Thorne, lianna, justice, magni and the other s1 vanilla heroes ONLY.

The only way to pull event heroes is trying their portals or some of them are also avaible by retraining one hero at hero academy level 10.


Firstly, welcome back to the forum.

As the others have already said, No. There is Zero chance TC20 will spit out special event heros. You will only get S1 heros out of TC20 - I think someone must be pranking you :thinking:.