Uraeus or Mica

Just received my 6th dart. I have both Uraeus and Mica ready at 3.70. Current maxed yellow are Prof. Lidenbrock +19, c. Joon +20, Sif +20, Vivica, leonidas, Bai Yeong and justice.

I do have Elizabeth so the synergy with Uraeus is awesome. Also have a lot of awesome minion makers. I have emblems for Mica but not for Uraeus. I know I can’t go wrong with either but with only 6 darts and 1 d blade I do want to make the best decision. Thanks in advance!

What synergy does that? Uraeus advantage is if the enemies has minions and Elizabeth not giving opponent minion instead it give fiends.

Uraes is great for mono yellow teams and also great as standalone, he is decent on defense.

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Uraeus does his sand damage if the enemy has fiends as well.

Wow, I did not mention this update… great :+1:

Old image:

I already check my unleveled Uraeus and it is in description as well.


Here’s an updated image showing fiends as well :grin:

Having both of the average speed heroes in Elizabeth and Uraeus both go off doesn’t happen all that often in my experience. Funny enough it helps when I pair Uraeus and Elizabeth with Mica to speed up their specials. I find Mica extremely versatile especially if you have more than one ninja. My vote would be Mica

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