Uraeus multi-hit bug

Uraeus appears to hit multiple opponents when coming up against Dodge heroes. I’ve heard that the same thing is true of Akkorog where he slams his fist down many more times than the 2 or 3 that he is supposed to.

Here is a screenshot, I also have video evidence if required.

I see Joon has a minion, so I’ll guess that everyone else does and Uraeus hit all with sand damage?

Can’t tell more without video.

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They all had minions but Joon was ignored for some reason despite having the same buffs and minions as the rest of them. I assume to post a video I will need to use a third party site?

Were Joon resisting the sand damage due to his Monk class or were Uraeus missing him due to blind?

Uraeus didn’t miss due to the blind at all, and Joon didn’t resist the sand damage from owning a minion.

You have Hanitra active. It is possible he dodged the sand damage. Video would be more conclusive, but that would be my guess.

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How can I post a video here?

You can’t.

Use YouTube or similar platform to upload the video and post a link here if you want.


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