Uraeus ignores Ursena special reflect

Image attached, sorry no video. As you can see he has a fresh minion because he just fired his special against Jackal, which should have nearly killed him but instead showed no reflect damage done at all. Uraeus’ current health level was due to Ursena’s special damage and maybe a tile clip or two earlier in the battle. This is from the tournament, so no healing. Obviously it did not affect the outcome, but if it’s a persistent problem it should be looked into.


I hope it is working as intended (though I know it is not).

Was the Uraeus equipped with a ninja troop and managed to bypass?

No, level 29 mana troop. And Jackal certainly wouldn’t have that much health left if he had.

Full opponent team was
Uraeus lvl 29 mana
Bera lvl 29 mana
Krampus lvl 29 mana
C-Boril lvl 12 ninja
Mitsuko lvl 29 mana

Nobody fired except Krampus which I dispelled with Seshat before taking out the rest of the team, waiting on Uraeus to nuke himself which didn’t happen.

I’m also curious as to the expected behavior of his sand damage effect on enemies with minions. Seshat shows no effect. But neither does he. What happened to it? Reflected as well or no? It’s like the whole special just fizzled.

I’m guessing Jackal dodged the attack (as he’s near full health so definitely wasn’t hit). Dodge comes before riposte and reflect (Sif and costume-Elena are an example of terrible synergy).
As for the Sand damage my guess is the following (given that effects happen in the order they are written):

  • Uraeus sees that Seshat has a minion and attempts to apply Sand damage
  • this effect is reflected back however Uraeus does not have a minion at this exact point in time, therefore no Sand damage is applied
  • Uraeus gets a minion

Logically this is the only way it can work. Now whether this is intended behavior or not is another question.


Possible, but there was no evade animation or text on the screen only the reflect. When multiple animations have to resolve (somewhat uncommon) maybe only the last one shows up.

Isn’t uraeus immune to sand damage so his debuff reflected does nothing?

Given no debuff of uraeus and no debuff on sehshatni would say effect reflected properly, so more of a question on direct damage perhaps it was evaded as suggested.

I am pretty sure Jackal’s Rogue evasion kicked in.

This happens to me occasionally when I run my red stack with Marjana/Mitsuko on it, and some blue damage gets evaded by Marjana… That one time when you actually want them to hit you hard is when the class bonus kicks in lol. And damage reflected is 0.

I just tested it myself in live game and the damage is reflected…

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