Uraeus gets the wrong heal during the Springvale

Uraeus must receive “50 HP when a Minion owened by them is destroyed”. But here’s what happens if a minion dies from an egg:

Firstly, the animation of 4 heals.
Secondly, damage received: 936-893=43. Where does this number come from?


It does look like a visual bug only.

So a minion on uraeus, maxed, i guess without emblems, so i can only roughly do the math.

Uraeus max hp are 1324 therefore a Minion he creates has about 66 hitpoints.

So in your case uraeus has 936 hp, and a 66 points minion.

  • He eats 151 damage.
  • Minion dies (66 hp)
  • 85 more damage that reduces his life down to 851
  • heal triggers, 50 lp, uraeus goes up to 901 life again.

I know and see that he ended up with “only” 893 hitpoints, maybe is he not levelled fully? And maybe also the math is a bit wrong.

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