Uraeus – 5* Holy/ Yellow - Feburary 2021 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

My choice wud be Uraeus. With the current minions & fiends that are out there I think Uraeus is a solid choice. You also benefit from the family bonus with Devana !!! All allies get a minion when Uraeus fires (which is like getting a little HP) & all allies get mana when Devana fires. What’s not to love about that synergy there !!! I use them together often. Great against minion teams as well as regular opponents.


The problem with Uraeus and Devana together is that he boots out her nice, beefy lynx minions with his dinky little ones.


I’m leaning on Uraeus too. His family bonus is a big plus pairing him with another 2021 HotM.

if you use gazelle in your team i think uraeus makes the most sense, otherwise one of the dodgers.

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Not really Hyak, not if u fire Uraeus 1st. I mean how many times are u realistically going to be firing them both. Also,with Uraeus having the 4% sorcerer bonus he charges in 9 with only a lvl 11 troop so by the time Devana fires the meagre minion from Uraeus has usually been wiped out anyway. Myself, personally I like to go offensive all the way apart from my raid /war def team of course.

Fought some lb2 heroes today, thought I’d share their cards from the watchtower in their topics for whoever may be interested


Personally I think that’s a waste !! Each to their own i suppose. I just can’t get my head around it tho. If the opponent has minions or fiends then maybe he is better but it’s too niche to waste valuable alpha mats. I had chosen to alpha break Hypnos until the threat of the nerf approaching halted my plan!! I have alpha broke Kitty & she’s a boss lady !!


The OP is changed with the february balance update.